love and peace are our weapons

Eternal Flow

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Eternal flow


Sleep is where you hurt me

You didn’t know why

The sky didn’t fall

From the tear in my eye

I’m holding no grudge

Just leveling the field

The old school was not cool

The sword and the shield


I failed to raise my head.

Discouraged from my task

The questions that you ask

The shadow it is caste.

Can this dream continue?

I think I’ve lost my mind

Losing motivation

And the love of humankind.


And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow


Change don’t rearrange

The ties that truly bind

His story was a lie

Let’s leave it all behind

No war is ever justified

No love is ever dead

The speaker needs the listener

Or is it in my head?


And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow

We are eternal flow


And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow

And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow

We are eternal flow


BEWARE of the “culture creep’s”….



This is a theory, it is an idea, a hypothesis, that is all. Let me know what you think.

me thank you

I believe popular culture may be a trap.”

Nigel R Mitchell of “tunnelmental”


Culture definition:

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

“20th century popular culture”

Synonyms: The arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement;

Literature, music, painting, philosophy, the performing arts

“Exposing their children to culture”

  • A refined understanding or appreciation of this.

“Men of culture”

Synonyms: Intellectual/artistic awareness, education, cultivation, enlightenment, discernment, discrimination, good taste, taste, refinement, polish, sophistication

“A man of culture”

  • The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.

Plural noun: cultures

There is little doubt in my mind that “the fools that rule” are using art and culture as weapon’s to divide and rule, to destroy freedom of expression and control our lives.

It is not only the crass commerciality of advertising, though that in and of itself is doing plenty of damage to society. I believe it is no coincidence that the most popular galleries in the western world are owned and ran by businessmen. As is nearly all the media. I think it is not just happenstance or luck. I am talking of direct interference here, not just the megalomaniac’s like Branson, Getty, Saatchi et al. The reason for their patronage is cloaked as an appreciation for art (they may actually like some of the art they collect). Yet they are just collectors, all be it on a very grand scale. What bothers me most about the insipid need to “own it all” is it’s scope to become the portal of the disingenuous, to smooth out all the rough edges of art in general and make it homogenous. Artists need room to grow. In society today, as soon as an artist becomes popular, there is an upsurge of lookalike, soundalike, copiers that are funded by their patrons and force fed onto an unsuspecting public through the system. The very system that claims to be radical is in itself the self same system that is funding it. The aim of a revolutionary artist is to challenge such a system, yet as soon as it does, the system either buys it up or floods the market with a manufactured and less radical rip off’s. Those that get funding and attempt to stay radical are savaged by the media, which is also part of the system and owned by the same type of people. This at first seems ridiculous even to the greedy entrepreneurs but they soon become made aware of how disposable their art collections become and thus turn art into tokens of the economy and articles of commercial fashion. In society today the very idea of art and culture are weaponized by the greed and control of consumerism.

There are still outsiders, there are still single minded thinkers, there are still free radicals, they are marginalized for not joining the system or they are portrayed as hypocrites. The outsiders and the radical supporters they create art for soon learn to call them “sellouts” and turncoats.

So, how do we continue to push for radical change in society? We learn to dodge and weave, we become adept at manipulation and deception whilst never losing sight of our objective, to create a better world. There are many doing this and they are genuinely brilliant and talented. Seek and you shall find….

Create because you have to, create original challenging art.

Art is “alive and kicking” against the control system.

I make music because I have to, I make music I love.

Please do not follow fools to the precipice.







LOOK AWAY (part 1)

me b w covering my eyes

I am learning to look away; it has taken a long time for me to start doing this. It really is essential for me because right from my earliest memories, I did not want to miss anything. You see, there are things to learn and things to unlearn, I was never a good student in school and would try to skip to the end of the lesson and memorize the answer. I now consider that to be ridiculous and childish. I was not learning, I was advancing, I seemed bright to my teachers but I really was not. Let’s get back to learning to look away and what I mean by it.

I have over the course of my life been slowly awakened to many truths that upon careful and rigorous research are falsehoods, some were out and out lies in order to get me to go along with some crazy notion or another but most were falsehoods. I now know that there really is very little solid truth, it really is belief and faith all the way for me. Now, having said that, I am cautious, I do have a belief system in place based on my own experience and sometimes I call that “my truth” not to be confused with “the truth” of course. Right, what do I mean by “looking away”? Well, here goes; there is a line in a very funny movie called “this is spinal tap” that is very relevant, the character of David St. Hubbins says “I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn’t believe anything.” Now, in context that quote is very funny and ironic. In life I have said that many times, in many different ways and now I see it as so funny and ridiculous that it almost makes me sad. Almost, for it is very clever writing that can tap an emotion. The key words, I see almost every day from that brilliantly funny quote are “believe”, “virtually” and “selective”. As we all know we live in what is called “the information age” or “the technological age” or some other nonsense “label” that has to be tagged on everything. What to do with all that information? Well, that brings me right back to the “look away” that is taking me so long to explain, sorry. Technology puts all the answers to all the questions into bite size pieces right here on my phone. It also puts all the lies on it, it has everything that has ever been written on it, and even this that I am writing will be on it soon. So, while it helps to have access to knowledge, it also gets very confusing and contradictory. Kid in a candy store, Deer in the headlights, Apathetic youth, I could go on but that’s not really my point, why do I “look away” it’s because I am overloaded with unimportant minutia, details that don’t matter, gossip, nonsense, trash. Seriously, look around for something of worth, anything substantial, it’s mostly flotsam and jetsam. Who gave it worth? Who thinks it’s important? Who holds it dear? You do, silly. “I will hug him and kiss him and call him George.” Wow, I digress, I am so close to nothing important here. I “look away” to save myself.


To be continued, maybe, if I think it’s worth it.

Can I be Mankind


2018 and here is our first single of the year. This year we will be “shooting from the lip”

Can I be Mankind – a music film




Can I be Mankind


Someone’s selling me something

To make me change again

Told me I’d be better off with

The pleasure and the pain

Just another ponzi scheme

Make me drop the dream

I’m trying to make a difference

You’re calling me extreme


You know that you can hurt me

Yet you keep on keeping on

Change comes from within

Sing a different song

You want this life of conflict

Know I just don’t care

Kick me when I’m down again

More than I can bare


Get the latest version

Better than the last

See into the future

Looking at the past

Sell me something worth it

Nail me to the mast

Stuck inside your nightmare

Spinning way too fast

Your spiral has gone viral

Your spin is just a lie

You blame the game

You chose to play

And I’m supposed to cry


Now I’m at the crossroad

Time to roll the dice

Light me like a candle

Not a sacrifice

I’ll never be your savior

You will not be mine

Try a different flavor

Write another line

Close my eyes to see you

All inside my mind

Got a better version

Can I be mankind

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Artificial Intelligence. Is anything real?

Artificial Intelligence (a single by tunnelmental)

artificial intelligence art

Release date December 1st 2017.


Data mining through the past

To make this crystal ball

Predictions are restrictions

Now you see it all

A.I. saw you through the mire,

When your world was set afire

Did you know me from the start?

Broken robot, shopping cart.


Quantum Entangled

You’re stuck in my head

Reeling you in

And I’m losing the thread

‘Cos time and not man

Will kill me instead

Am I fooling myself

By exploring the dread?


A.I. know you

Witch came first

White as snow

And fit to burst


Echo said, do it clean, do it clean,

Do it clean, will you ever be clean?

Named and shamed

Are you framing this scene?

If you fake it and make it

Are you killing the dream?


Been here before

The futures a guess

Rinse and repeat now

For more of the stress

Deep inside me

Is a terrible mess

You’re real artificial

You’re faking success


A.I. know you

Witch came first

White as snow

And fit to burst

Echo said, do it clean, do it clean,

Do it clean, will you ever be clean?

Named and shamed

Are you framing this scene?

If you fake it and make it

Are you killing the dream?

Echo said, do it clean, do it clean,

Do it clean, will you ever be clean?

Named and shamed

Are you framing this scene?

If you fake it and make it

Are you killing the dream?


Are you killing the dream?


time A I



inside and outside, same, same….

my thoughts replaced by moving images

I am not a country, I am not a flag, I am not the answer. I am a series of questions on the road to the truth. Why do so many individuals feel powerless? Is it because they are poor? Is poverty anything to do with money? Is it wrong to question myself? Are many people really expecting some sort of messiah to satisfy their need?

I do know a few things that work for me. Be Kind. Be Creative. Be Inquisitive.


Writer, artist and activist Penny Rimbaud investigates the question; Is there a real world? in an intimate discussion with author, musician and Louder Than War founder John Robb. Filmed in front of a studio audience at the Lush Studio Soho.

This is truly inspirational.penny rimbaud and john robb

Penny Rimbaud in conversation with John Robb.

“Democracy, are you adequately represented?”

As the G20 puppets debate our fate, do you feel adequately represented? This is how the NWO is feeding us “democracy” as a “control system”….

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 9.08.24 AM

One of the idea’s being discussed by “democracy’s representatives” is how to control any public dissent or protest. As an example, they are using the G20 meeting to provoke and prod protestors. They are using many “agent provocateur’s” and riot police to convince the public, that they care for your safety. What they really want is more control, more militarized police, and a complete Global shutdown of our freedom.

They are also debating how to limit public access to the internet.

Do you feel that these people in the picture truly represent you?

I was heartened to see “1000 Gestalten” as a peaceful protest. Art should be used to Protest and Survive.

Here is a clip of one of our songs, “no soldier” from the album “waiting here for you” set to the brilliant performance art “1000 Gestalten”

G20 PROTEST (no soldier)

Subliminal inspiration?

I have a feeling we are growing into ourselves as human beings and starting to understand how to be. As I write, make music and create art, sometimes I later recognize what influenced me to do it. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious, other times it’s from deeper than I can explain but has a resonance within me. I have an early vague memory of being at Brian Jones funeral in my hometown of Cheltenham.

Here is an example of what I call a “subliminal inspiration”

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 9.51.52 AM

watch this video below….

tunnelmental 2010 (Brian Jones)

We see the problem, we need solutions.

Due to the dramatic rise in dystopian documentaries and books that depict a no hope scenario of mankind’s future, I have decided it is time for a reassessment of my life and purpose. I feel compelled to offer this short manifesto to the many people who are suffering from the collective idea that we are disempowered or unable to make a positive impact on society.

This beautiful planet on which we live is diverse and abundant, everything is provided for us, all of us. In our short history as the dominant species we have accelerated ourselves into a very dangerous position, we may even destroy this very planet that sustains us. Gross mismanagement of our resources is entirely to blame and a selfish, greedy few are continuing to propel us in that direction.

We must resist this greed, we must embrace our diversity, and we must find a way to work together and save our race from an early demise.

Our current options seem limited to a rapid response, mostly due to our late recognition of our collective problem. A problem that seems so great, as to make us feel small and insignificant. I resist that notion based on my own individual responsibility and the ability we all have to solve problems by increasing peace through love. I love humans; I am constantly reminded of our creativity and resilience, especially our capacity for love and our need for peace. I also see a dogged determination in many to just follow the leader and repeat the ranting’s of raving lunatic’s, I am aware of the absurdity entrenched in our current system of control. I am not blinded by it though, I am fully aware of the situation we are in, that is the reason for my writing this.

I have always been compelled to write, document and narrate what I see and feel, I do not fully grasp why, I am not even sure if it will make any difference to the outcome of our struggle for survival in an increasingly, oppressively ran, global society; I do know this though, I have to do it.

Whether or not we survive this sickness that runs through our society, I think that we owe it to those that may; we must resist the destroyers of beauty and be creative with our world. The solution I offer seems very simple and will be torn apart summarily by those who run this global system of control and also by the people who foolishly follow its dictates. I do not care for my individual survival; my concern is for the future of man, for I honestly believe we have tremendous potential as individuals and as a species.

I have grown to understand in very simple terms the important and not too complicated ways we can prosper as a race.

Firstly, we must recognize that we have a simple choice between love and fear; love conquers all and fear destroys all; not much of a choice really if we are to survive as a species.

Secondly, we must overcome our urge to blame anyone else, or our human nature. We must take full responsibility for our individual actions.

Third and most importantly, we must learn to love ourselves, for we are what will survive and thrive.

The solution I propose…

Free food. Free shelter. Free healthcare. Free education. Free for everyone.

There it is plain and simple.


Nigel R Mitchell.