Yawn, good morning? Time to wake up?

Who are we at war with? Could it be that we are at war with our Masters? Are the “ruling elite” starting to get a little concerned? Will they try and distract us from our awakening? Anyone know the lottery winning numbers? Did you hear what that politician said? Did my team win? They are having a sale at the mall, have seen that new restaurant? Oh, look a cute kitten typing? Do you smell burning? Have you seen the crazy guy who is promoting peace and love? Are the door’s locked? That girl on X-factor can sing and they own her?

A FEW ARE SOULS…some questions….

Q. Why put 18 tracks on one album? A. Because we can, does not truly answer it, though it’s true. We were writing, recording and releasing a single a month and we got ahead of ourselves, we were accumulating so many songs that we decided to catch up and consolidate. These 18 songs fit together.

Q. Why re-release some of the singles that are already out there? A. Because we added to the mix, re-mastered them for an album and they sound better but mostly so people can have the added value of buying an album that includes them. It’s cheaper to buy the whole album, than buy them individually. “A Few Are Souls” is good value, in many ways.

Q. Why is it important to release this album now? A. It’s important to us to put “A Few Are Souls” out now as our methodology is changing. This is in no way going to stop our output but will see us focus more on how we write, record and release our music. We are working from our constantly improving studio set up at “Orange Groove Studios” collaborating with guest musicians and singers. Also we are working on music for film and TV etc. The management side of our music is ramping up for us and we are happy about that, here is our website.

Q. Do you think “A Few Are Souls” is relevant in todays market? A. I believe that is covered in most of the lyrical content of the songs, yes it is relevant. The very idea of “today’s market” has had no real influence on why we write or record our music, aside from knowing that “market forces” are only really interested in profit. If an artist creates solely with that in mind, they are not being truthful as an artist, in my opinion.

Q. Do you consider the songs on the album dark? A. Yes, for the most part, they reflect what I observe. I am surprised more music does not do this, though I do understand it can be too dour for some. I do think however, it is overall a well balanced album. These are the times we live in. I do need to keep a sense of humor though, hence the wordplay.

If you have any more questions about “A Few Are Souls” please contact us, we like to hear from you.

2019 we got busy…

I once rode a horse at Ascot in a big hurdle race, we finished third at 66/1, I think my Dad bet on her each way and made a few pounds. Not sure why I dreamt about it last night but I did, perhaps it was the mares name that sparked it, Perversity. Recently, I have been trying to find words that resonate with my self and my existence. Aside from the obvious like unorthodox, erratic, rebellious etc. Perversity seems very fitting.

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(This is not Perversity, I don’t have pictures of her.)

To be transported in dreams is a strange feeling for me, especially if it is linked to my youthful past; I think I was 19 year old when I rode in that race. Oh, by the way I was also becoming very aware of the way a class system worked. I felt I could beat the system by being good at what I did. That joke has followed me all my life. One of my racing trainers described me best when he told me “I was either brave or brainless” of course at nineteen I thought the former when in reality it was the latter. I am meandering through this writing like a staggering drunk, sorry. I woke this morning after the dream of Perversity with the intention of listing the highlights of this almost past year of 2019.

Derek Pippert is brilliant. I just want to start with that simple statement because it’s the truth, he has worked on every single part of our music so meticulously and diligently he deserves the praise. He and I (Nigel) are music partners, we write, produce, remix, mix and master all our own work in our custom “Orange Groove Studios” in Pasadena. It is “my happy place” and we love it. Right back to 2019 and our musical accomplishments…. Firstly we continued our plan and kept recording new songs, they flowed out at such a rate we released almost one a month and have built up more than twice that that has yet to be released. We intend to put out the 18-track album in early 2020, it will be entitled “a few are souls” and we are currently mastering those eighteen beauties. During 2019 we also updated our website and started working with a British based Music manager called Gordon. He is taking care of “business” because Derek and I are not; we both admitted quite freely to each other we are not businessmen. Gordon is a good bloke and we are lucky to have him on our team. Here is a link to our new website. http://www.tunnelmental.com/t.e.a./index.html

Derek J Pippert.

One of the reasons and there are many, that Gordon came on board was a single that largely went un noticed that we put out on Mayday 2019 that featured JOY who wrote the lyrics and recorded her vocals for it when she was 11 years old. I love it but I am biased because Joy is my daughter, who is now 16 years old. Gordon loved it and Derek was truly genius on producing the song “We Can” here is a link to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5xbVooId8c

Another highlight of 2019 was the brilliant and inventive remix that Tony Byker did for our single “Allegiance” he really did an amazing job. In his studio in Tokyo he re-imagined it and remixed it superbly. I even re-edited the music film for it, here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oSx5f5EyT0 Please also support Tony Byker here. https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com/

So, in summing up. 2019 we wrote and recorded, mixed and mastered about 20 songs. It flowed out of us and we loved it. In a perfect world, working at our “Orange Groove Studios” would already be supporting our progress. As we wend our way into 2020 I have very high hopes that this will happen, most of my hope is in the hands of the aforementioned Gordon and his business plan. It will also rely on all of those that already know us, stepping up and telling everyone we exist. Please understand that we rely a lot on organic growth that comes from our current supporters, friends and relatives. So get busy please. Love and Peace. Nigel of tunnelmental.

The stagnant pond.

If one defends a position that they know is flawed, or worse, completely corrupt, then they are delusional and stupid.

Take most politicians these days, they fight for a better way, if they are well intentioned, yet they know the system of voting is not democratic or anywhere near good enough to call democracy. If you look at it closely enough, do we even want democracy, given these conditions? I would say we do but only if those that vote are absolutely sure they know what they are voting for and have clear, educated ideas of what the person or party they vote for represents. Do you believe that almost all voters are well educated and fully aware of the policies and ideals that their political representative holds? I do not. Though I am pretty clear on this, modern politicians are willing to lie to us in order to obtain power over us. That is why I want to see “the system” change. Politicians who uphold the system as it stands are in my mind scum.

Politicians obtain power within our current system and once they obtain power, they become unwilling or at very least unable to change the system. So they defend the status quo. I believe the “status quo” is a stagnant pond of corruption and greed. That which benefits from being on the upper most parts of a stagnant pond is called scum. Yet there are monsters outside the pond who rely on the scum, ensuring the stagnant pond keeps regenerating new scum. In this ugly analogy of our current “system of government” we are (as voters) way down at the bottom of pond, we are bottom feeders. So, in order for the system to change we must evolve, we must rise up and reject the system and find a better way. We cannot do this within the stagnant pond. For you see, those that are scum will say we are just another bottom feeder. Those that control the stagnant pond monitor the surface of the pond and if any of it starts to be openly aware of what is keeping it afloat they replace it. The pond cannot evolve without massive agitation and the monitors are constantly checking the surface of the stagnant pond.

I remember as a child the putrid stench of a stagnant pond on some landfill we called “the dumps.” I was aware that it was toxic.

Political Scum on The Stagnant Pond.