Is love contagious?

This is a bit of a misleading title, sorry. I already know the answer, of course it is. In healthy human beings this (love) condition is very contagious and if it is unconditionally accepted it will lead to the greatest beauty imaginable.

Currently we have a “darker contagion” to be concerned about, does that mean we drift away from unconditional love? Hmm, some people are so rapidly moving from concern to worry and panic, promoting the drift away from love. I am a little concerned in the widespread “darker contagion” because it is terribly divisive. Until now, I have been a little quiet on my opinion of what is currently happening within society. If you are living in fear, you will probably not want to read on. Please remember that I have an opinion not an answer.

Fear, in my humble opinion is the opposing force to love. I know danger is real but fear, not so much. Sure, we fear death but when that is looked at closely, it is irrational. What pushes us closer to fear and further away from love today is a dodgy belief system. We, for the most part, believe that “they would never do that” because “we would never do that” It is a flawed concept. Mostly it is flawed because we empower they, pardon my bad grammar. Thus far I understand what I am writing conforms to the notion of we humans are all one, a concept I somewhat still believed in. That is until recently; sure in some grandiose design principal, we are all labelled human and we are collectively somewhat responsible for each other but….and this is a rather large BUT…the further we drift from love and the closer we go towards fear, the more the cracks and divisions start to show. So, as we approach the precipice, what do we do about the few who believe they have the answer to our collective societies problem? We check our intuition and ask ourselves, are they coming from a place of love or fear?

Answers to that basic question are only relevant if you truly believe that love is real and fear is to be overcome. I reached that understanding by facing fear and embracing unconditional love. I was told many year ago that there is no such thing as “unconditional love” by a brilliant man. He held a belief that there are always “conditions” and we are individually the ones who put those conditions on it. I saw his point and was somewhat agreeing with him, but now I see that my or anyones conditions on love are of no use whatsoever. To place conditions on love is to control it and that is an ugly human thing to do. Accept unconditional love and open up to it. Love always wins. Love, Live, Life. NOW.

Nigel R Mitchel by Lisa Coleman – copyright of Lisa and Darren Coleman 2012

The Storm we face.

The dark one’s and their evil agenda have been recruiting meat robots and spiritual mercenaries for thousands of years. There is a new and desperate wave because the “c word” is not working fast enough for the Dark Lords. HRC’s satanic whisperings into Joe’s gormless corpse. We see them. Our tribe is gathering, weathering the storm, we will not fear, for this we were born. Gaia’s mighty army of warriors will not bow down to the darkness. I know we will win because we are tribe. The gypsy in me will always be. I am a tribal messenger, protected by warriors. Nigel of tunnelmental.

“A persistent sense of inquiry.” or “The strength of my weakness.”

Sorry I gave two titles for this wander through my mind. I have been getting one persistent message, I sit and await messages, sometimes its a flood and other times nothing, I’ve got used to that process. Many say its their muse or some such obscure process, I just wait and try not to label it. The persistent message is LOVE WINS. I usually get poetry, lyrics, streams of ideas or, as I said before, nothing. Now I get two words regardless of whether its a flood or nothing, I consistently get these two words. LOVE WINS.

So I will try and interpret what that means to me, yes I, as a human being will attempt to decipher that which was sent to me in a very simple statement. Why? Well, there is the first title, a persistent sense of inquiry. My ability to interpret or decipher gives me the second title, the strength of my weakness.

I am as arrogant as you think I am, I am as fragile as you think I am, I truly don’t seek permission or care for your judgment, for I am free of all that. I identify with my human strengths and weakness’s fully. You are able to label but perhaps you should not. Your call, not mine. As I attempt this gargantuan task perhaps you could provide me with a drum roll or a slow hand clap, again your choice.






It’s been a while…here ya go.

Sporadic interjections in written form are getting more scarce these days, sure a few comments on social media spark my interest and are fun to scroll through. Most of the interesting ones are being censored in some way or another, which is sad to witness. Intentionally or not many libraries are being sacrificed at the altar of technological advancement. As I write this I am wondering to myself, would I reach more people with a selfie or a meme? So, dear reader if you made it this far into my writing, thank you for opting in, you are one of very few, as far as I can tell. Some say it’s the effort required to read that stops them, yet I have had no problem reading since I was about five years old. Some say the pace of life is not allowing them the luxury of time to read, many say, whats the point its just a bunch of words and others say whats in it for me? All valid but very dangerous when applied to the world as it stands currently. If we loose the power of communication we are essentially handing our individual and collective power as human beings to machines. Sure, we may have programmed those machines initially but they are becoming more and more sentient, computers are making computers that are far in advance technologically than before, I am writing on a pretty great one now. The good technology will have good intention only if the human side survives the onslaught of Artificial Intelligence. Thats a pretty huge “IF” in my opinion.

Enough negativity for now, here is a story I lived recently. I spent a day with a non blood related Niece recently, she had, one month prior given birth to a daughter, she had two other children who were at the running around stage of life also. We sat and chatted, we visited neighbors and their kids, we joked and played, it was a lovely day. The thing that made this something very special for me was the baby and our non verbal communication. The lesson taught to me that day by a one month old baby was amazing and priceless. It has shifted my whole sense of being, it has given me a wholly different perception. I fell in love with love. It was a flash, a glimpse, a snapshot, a moment, a spark, it was a pivotal reveal, a lifting of a veil. I sat holding this baby and looked into her eyes and she smiled, I melted into nothingness and she smiled, I was of this world and heaven simultaneously and she smiled. I heard the words and I did nothing, I heard them loud and clear, like a clarion call, like a beacon of light. LOVE WINS.

Since that day, I am being constantly reminded, I will never forget that instant, that moment of pure unconditional love that child gave me. My own children, who are now adults gave me a sense of unconditional love but because I am, as we all are, conditioned by life. I put my conditioning into them and have taken full responsibility for them, conditions I can continually adjust in order to help protect them. I have since thought long and hard about that moment and I now believe we come into this world with everything we truly desire, it doesn’t take long for it to shift, it doesn’t take long for the conditioning and the sheer weight of history for us to start to forget, it doesn’t take long for the feelings to be numbed in order to survive in this society of human existence. We must remember, we must surely gain access to unconditional love, even for the briefest of moments, to truly feel the power of love.

I can write about it now, I can sing it from the rooftops and know that I know. LOVE WINS.

The slippery slope of segregation.

I can turn off any device that is external from me.

I know I can play that game.

You put something in me, I will rip it out.

Plain and simple. I am a free man.

That is why I say “No Mandatory Vaccine.”

and absolutely “No Mandatory Vaccine Passport.”

You don’t have to agree with me.

You don’t have to coerce me.

Just let me be free.

You want to know why I think this is the slippery slope of segregation….

Once the majority chooses then the minority is coerced.

Thats the small d (non political) democratic excuse for dominance.

That my friends, is also the totalitarian tip toe.

Not a dance I will take part in.

I used to work willingly but now I see my opportunities are severely narrowing.

No Test, No Work. Is where I am for now.

The vaccinations on offer are all openly experimental.

I will not be an experimental subject.

I know someone who is volunteering at a vaccination station.

Someone I know who used to say, “I won’t do free work.”

I asked him did he ever volunteer for medical research before?

He avoided the question.

Perhaps he feels more of a man when he runs with the herd?

I really don’t know why. He clearly stated it was his choice.

I asked about how he thought that might effect my choice?

He said he doesn’t think it will.

I asked him if he had heard of “The Butterfly Effect.”

“The Butterfly Effect is a conceptual term for any situation where a small change may be the cause of larger consequences.”

He said yes 100%.

I questioned his action because his action would then have a detrimental consequence on my freedom.

So, I posed another question.

A man, lets call him Bill Gates, with a billion dollar budget is asking for volunteers with a human experiment.

Would you work for free for him?

He said he was free to choose and so am I.

Some people are not so lucky.

Say No to Mandatory Vaccinations and No to Mandatory Vaccine Passports.

Otherwise, you just might be placing everyone on the slippery slope of segregation.

Please do not think ill of me for I do love you dearly.

I’m making a stand and I do this so clearly.

Freedom is a cause worth fighting for.

I really believe it is Tyranny v Freedom.

This Abundant World.

It was a poem, then a song, then an adventure…

We were in our studio playing with a new song and wondering how to progress with it. We had a handful of unfinished tracks and had the idea to invite our friends Tracy and Angie over, Tracy had already helped us with some earlier recording as the brilliant guitar slinger that he is. Angie was asked to bring her bass and we would record some pieces for cut ups on the unfinished songs. I asked if she would help with vocals on a chorus of the song This Abundant World and she said yeah, or course. It lifted the song so well, I said why don’t you sing the whole thing. The result of that journey is being released on April 2nd 2021. Here is a link to the music film.

This abundant world.
I used to think the world would sink, beneath the tide of change.
Now I see that love is life, I need to re arrange.
My toxic thoughts were drowning me,
I lost my open mind, I doubted love so foolishly,
How can this be mankind?
I want to feel the love of life.
Washing over me.
Like the mighty ocean,
Like the shiny sea.
We need to stop and think
There is no planet B
I have this dream of love
That’s where I wanna be
This abundant world
Still belongs to me
This abundant world
Still belongs to me
How’d we get to this position? Life is not a competition,
Loving life must be our mission, Help me turn this tide.
I tried with all my might, to make the wrong the right
Went down without a fight and left the pain behind.
I want to feel the love of life.
Washing over me.
Like the mighty ocean,
Like the shiny sea.
We need to stop and think
There is no planet B
I have this dream of love
That’s where I wanna be
This abundant world
Still belongs to me
This abundant world
Still belongs to me
Tracy and Angie in our studio.

I like this…Read it Please.

The Four Agreements:

“1. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD Speak with integrity.

Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against

yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in

the direction of truth and love.

2. DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY Nothing others do is

because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their

own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the

opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of

needless suffering.

3. DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS Find the courage to ask

questions and to express what you really want. Communicate

with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings,

sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can

completely transform your life.

4. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST Your best is going to change from

moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as

opposed to sick. Under any circumstances, simply do your best,

and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.”

by Miguel Ruiz.

The brilliant Four Agreements was posted by a great person who has helped me, I will read these agreements and make sure I try to honour them.

How to progress, here is what I think.

I do believe however that we are in a Spiritual Battle.

My thoughts were inspired by a brilliant friend, thank you Gary.

It is clear to me that, occult just means hidden. I believe there is an “invisible” cataclysm, an “undefinable” fear/mind virus that is preying on humanity. Here is what I believe we can do….

We are globally interacting with a narcissistic “beast system” that is “gas-lighting” everyone it can. I think this “malignant narcissist beast system” enjoys devaluing people and preying on everyone’s fears. Its main goal is to destroy people’s self-confidence and dominate them. It starts on victims who are insecure people who it can make even more insecure, but this “beast system” will try to do this with everyone.

Look up The Grey rock method. “The Grey rock method is a practice where an individual becomes emotionally non-responsive, boring, and virtually acts like a rock. Emotional detachment serves to undermine a narcissist’s attempts to lure and manipulate, causing them to grow uninterested and bored.

” To collectively defeat the “malignant narcissist beast system” we need to first “stand in our own sovereignty” and help encourage others we love to do the same.

I had a friend who was a brilliant psychologist who said to me, “I would rather deal with a psychopath than a narcissist.” I did not fully understand this at the time he told me, so I did a lot of research. He was of course talking about an individual narcissist; this “malignant narcissistic beast system” is an entity that is threatening all of humanity and needs dealing with collectively.

I believe we as a collective can expand our consciousness beyond its reach by total non compliance. We need to DISOBEY. There are many paths to freedom, I chose the door marked “Love and Peace.” I claim my right to make my own choices and stand in my individual sovereignty. There is no authority but self. Teach others with love, kindness, empathy and peace; but be prepared to let them go their own way.

It can be a traumatic experience to witness, so one must acknowledge ones own sadness at loosing someone you love. Grief is something we all have to deal with, not ignore.

I endeavor to keep on the path to peace. I will continue to DISOBEY and Love, Live, Life.

Please help support my endeavors as an artist by buying some art and music from me.

The Answer is?

LOVE has been ignored and maligned. It has been devalued, it has been manipulated, It has been attacked.

Yet it just sits there waiting for us as the most powerful force in the Universe.

We must Love more.

Love is the answer.

Going quietly? Nope.

I got this in an e-mail today. I had to laugh at it….

As the sun slowly sets on the Elites and centuries of rule by Monarchs and Warlords, I ask a simple question, will they go quietly? I knew the answer of course but I didn’t expect them to stoop to this…hahahahaha.

If you cannot see the sheer desperation of this, then you have no idea what irony is.

Do I believe most of what I see projected? Nope. Do I keep a sense of humor? Yep.

Do I hold onto my faith in Love being the answer? YES.