my atoms, release date 24th May 2019.

Another single from us to you.

MY ATOMS lyrics.

I climbed the spiral staircase

Deep inside my mind

I saw the light so clearly

From all of humankind

Your sadness overwhelms me

I feel it, so it’s real

I cannot fix it for you

You’ve gotta learn to deal

My Jail has never had bars

My atoms they came from the stars

My Jail has never had bars

My atoms they came from the stars

I tried to offer comfort

You said you needed more

You showed me all your sorrow

You told me I was poor

No more the bright tomorrow

Just darkness at my door

Your bittersweet rendition

Will haunt me evermore

Do I have to be a witness?

Detached from this hell

I never saw you stumble

And now I know you fell

You can’t control another

So I will call you brother

Love will keep me strong

This earth will be my mother

My Jail has never had bars

My atoms they came from the stars

My Jail has never had bars

My atoms they came from the stars

I climbed the spiral staircase

All inside my mind

The vertigo has let me go

False love made me blind

Ride the wave tsunami

Be the brave new army

Refuse to fight with all your might

Those that try to charm me

My Jail has never had bars

My atoms they came from the stars

My Jail has never had bars

My atoms they came from the stars

Here is a link to the music film for my atoms…

This cartoon was made in 1956 and is in the public domain.
It was a commercial for the Oil Industry.
Blind acceptance followed.
Profits before Prophets.
This Earth will be my Mother.

We Can…the story of a song.

Whilst visiting England during the spring of 2014, the idea for a song came to me. I was compelled to record it immediately, so I did a rough version on my laptop. I was listening back to it on headphones when my then 11-year-old daughter Joy came in and asked to listen, of course I said yes. She started humming a melody and then asked if she could write some lyrics. In less than an hour she had written and recorded scratch vocals for the song. That was the start of “we can”.
On our return to the US, Joy came into our studio and we recorded the vocals properly. Derek and I talked about producing the song and writing better music for it. We were recently going through rough ideas for songs that Derek and I have started and shelved, we opened the session and both thought it might be worth having another go at it. Derek re-wrote and produced the music. Joy now almost 16, said we could release it, as long as I let people know that she recorded it when she was 11, she also added that she wants to record some of her new songs soon. 
Nigel of tunnelmental.

We Can by tunnelmental (featuring Joy) will be released May 1st 2019.

Nectar is Red

Nectar is Red.

I am the rascal and I am the saint

I am the wall on which I throw paint

Whatever you call me that’s what I ain’t

The candle is burning the light is quite faint.

Know your darkness shine your light

Ego and I will ride through the night

If I’m on my own, who will I fight?

Is there a wrong? Or am I the right?

Oh, conflict let me be

Good and bad are both in me

If I accept that I am free

Can I find the harmony?

Lost in your pain, you drive me insane, you drive me insane

I should know now, my heart rules my brain, my heart rules my brain

The rebel he rose from ashes of dread

The voices he heard were inside his head

He had to let go of all that was said

Albert had whispered nectar is red

Will this conflict ever cease?

You have brought me to my knees

From this pain I seek release

Can this stranger find his peace?

Now I see why they burned the books, why they burned the books

The mirror smashed, smashed a thousand looks, smashed a thousand looks.

‘same bloke, different hat on’

I am just being honest.
Nigel R Mitchell.

As a child in school I was angry, I had a fire in my belly, I wanted to change the world. Now, I am no longer angry. One funny thing I do remember from school was being told “don’t get ideas above your station” by a careers official from the education board. I was a bull and that was my red flag.

One of my biggest disappointments in life is this; the willingness of so many people to accept mediocrity. You can call it different names like austerity, second best, sub standard, good enough; they are still versions of the “same bloke with a different hat on” telling you that you do not deserve better. Believe me, you do deserve better. Many people cannot fight the system because they are beaten down so far that they capitulate. Many are blinded by their anger and frustration, I know because I was for a long time.

I write about my struggles in my lyrics and sometimes they get misinterpreted. I am okay with choosing my own battles, I am perfectly okay with the difficult decisions and I fully accept my own reality. I love writing, making music and art. I offer no apologies.

I will not accept mediocrity on any level.


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