love and peace are our weapons

“Democracy, are you adequately represented?”

As the G20 puppets debate our fate, do you feel adequately represented? This is how the NWO is feeding us “democracy” as a “control system”….

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 9.08.24 AM

One of the idea’s being discussed by “democracy’s representatives” is how to control any public dissent or protest. As an example, they are using the G20 meeting to provoke and prod protestors. They are using many “agent provocateur’s” and riot police to convince the public, that they care for your safety. What they really want is more control, more militarized police, and a complete Global shutdown of our freedom.

They are also debating how to limit public access to the internet.

Do you feel that these people in the picture truly represent you?

I was heartened to see “1000 Gestalten” as a peaceful protest. Art should be used to Protest and Survive.

Here is a clip of one of our songs, “no soldier” from the album “waiting here for you” set to the brilliant performance art “1000 Gestalten”

G20 PROTEST (no soldier)

Subliminal inspiration?

I have a feeling we are growing into ourselves as human beings and starting to understand how to be. As I write, make music and create art, sometimes I later recognize what influenced me to do it. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious, other times it’s from deeper than I can explain but has a resonance within me. I have an early vague memory of being at Brian Jones funeral in my hometown of Cheltenham.

Here is an example of what I call a “subliminal inspiration”

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 9.51.52 AM

watch this video below….

tunnelmental 2010 (Brian Jones)

We see the problem, we need solutions.

Due to the dramatic rise in dystopian documentaries and books that depict a no hope scenario of mankind’s future, I have decided it is time for a reassessment of my life and purpose. I feel compelled to offer this short manifesto to the many people who are suffering from the collective idea that we are disempowered or unable to make a positive impact on society.

This beautiful planet on which we live is diverse and abundant, everything is provided for us, all of us. In our short history as the dominant species we have accelerated ourselves into a very dangerous position, we may even destroy this very planet that sustains us. Gross mismanagement of our resources is entirely to blame and a selfish, greedy few are continuing to propel us in that direction.

We must resist this greed, we must embrace our diversity, and we must find a way to work together and save our race from an early demise.

Our current options seem limited to a rapid response, mostly due to our late recognition of our collective problem. A problem that seems so great, as to make us feel small and insignificant. I resist that notion based on my own individual responsibility and the ability we all have to solve problems by increasing peace through love. I love humans; I am constantly reminded of our creativity and resilience, especially our capacity for love and our need for peace. I also see a dogged determination in many to just follow the leader and repeat the ranting’s of raving lunatic’s, I am aware of the absurdity entrenched in our current system of control. I am not blinded by it though, I am fully aware of the situation we are in, that is the reason for my writing this.

I have always been compelled to write, document and narrate what I see and feel, I do not fully grasp why, I am not even sure if it will make any difference to the outcome of our struggle for survival in an increasingly, oppressively ran, global society; I do know this though, I have to do it.

Whether or not we survive this sickness that runs through our society, I think that we owe it to those that may; we must resist the destroyers of beauty and be creative with our world. The solution I offer seems very simple and will be torn apart summarily by those who run this global system of control and also by the people who foolishly follow its dictates. I do not care for my individual survival; my concern is for the future of man, for I honestly believe we have tremendous potential as individuals and as a species.

I have grown to understand in very simple terms the important and not too complicated ways we can prosper as a race.

Firstly, we must recognize that we have a simple choice between love and fear; love conquers all and fear destroys all; not much of a choice really if we are to survive as a species.

Secondly, we must overcome our urge to blame anyone else, or our human nature. We must take full responsibility for our individual actions.

Third and most importantly, we must learn to love ourselves, for we are what will survive and thrive.

The solution I propose…

Free food. Free shelter. Free healthcare. Free education. Free for everyone.

There it is plain and simple.


Nigel R Mitchell.




Words and the way we use them…

There are words that slide their way into our everyday vernacular almost unnoticed. We hear them bandied about and use them unknowingly and often mistakenly. We even align ourselves with them without even thinking about it. Here is an example I have heard many times by politicians especially. In their normal condescending way they feel sorry for those marginalized and disenfranchised people affected by some tragedy or another.




When you feel powerless, someone feeling sorry for you may feel good but if you truly feel disenfranchised then you are missing a very powerful meaning. You may not, as I have not, been franchised or enfranchised in the first place. I do not seek permission to be free, no authority, no government, no official has granted me this, I have always been and will always be free.

By the power vested in me I pronounce me free.

Do not feel powerless to learn, we have so many things to learn, it’s right there in front of you, the free internet. For now.

Love and Peace.



Lyrics. Waiting Here For you. tunnelmental


Inspired by listening…

I was busy learning an editing program for visuals whilst simultaneously listening to an audio recording by the brilliant speaker Alan W Watts http://www.alanwatts.com/

I found myself so influenced by his words, I made this instead.

pre-release “waiting here for you”

“waiting here for you” will be officially released on Friday May 26th 2017.

You can pre-order now….





itunes pre-release link

snippets, that’s a funny word….


waiting here for you cover art

waiting here for you back cover art

The album “waiting here for you” by “tunnelmental” will be available everywhere May 26th 2017.

Here are some snippets…..

apologies and reality checks…


me n dek downtownroofweb300dpi

It is with deep regret that we have to cancel our scheduled May/June visit to the UK.

Our aim was to play at Alice’s Wicked Tea Party and we are very disappointed that both funding and scheduling cannot allow us to be part of what we believe to be a brilliant festival. Our plan for an early spring release of the album “waiting here for you” has been pushed back to 26th May 2017. We offer our sincere apologies.

Nigel and Derek of tunnelmental.

a sense of his story…”barely holding on”

ave a proper gander…see what really happened…how will you find truth…when his story lies…

If we have any potential for progress at all as humans experiencing our lives, it can only be fully achieved if we seek our own truth. We must take individual responsibility in order to make collective progress. Freedom of choice relies heavily on our “beliefs” and our education. All our beliefs are based on our daily conditioning. Since the advent of the spoken word it has been very obvious that lies can shape our lives. The outright lies are now more of a smokescreen used for distraction and deception; whilst a buffoon lies and distracts, the real villains move freely in for the kill. Let’s assume you already know that politicians lie, I really don’t need to expand on that do I? What if they always did, all the time, believing some of their lies were truths. We are back to “beliefs” again. So I gaze through history, most of the time an event is listed with the date and a name but what makes it truth? You do, yes you. Sure that event happened on the date written on the page but what really shaped that event and also did it really happen at all, so many questions unanswered. Every split second of every day history gets made and then gets distorted by his story. The longer we live within a belief system the more it gets compounded and distorted. The sheer weight of history is crushing our truth today, yet we continue to follow the lies and distortions, we let his story become our reality.

Where is the truth and how do we find it? I tried to find it in philosophy, it helped me understand what truth is. I tried to find it in religion, it showed me an idea of truth. I searched high and low, I even studied the psychology of truth, which showed me how fragile our truth really is. I delved deeper into more mystic paths and they shed a light on what we call truth. I eventually started letting go of finding what truth is and found it. It was with me all the time, the truth is mine and mine alone. Is it all an illusion, everything we see, hear, smell, taste and touch, is it fake? Could it be an ever changing pulse, a mirage created by each and everyone of us. Probably.

So, who do we trust? I can answer this for me and me alone. I trust my instinct, my intuition, my inner moral compass. I have no idea what I am doing, most of the time. I am exploring the outer reaches of our galaxy on the inside, somewhere between my brain and my heart, somewhere clearly undefined by science. Talking of undefined, when did my moral compass get set? When did I start using a bullshit detector? Why do I exist? How small do I have to be in order to be everything? I can only start this explanation of what I am if i know who I am and I can only know who I am if I let go of what I was and accept I may never really find out. Sounds like gobbledygook nonsense to me, lets turn on the bullshit detector and find out….

bs deterector.jpg

Just as I thought, its bullshit. Wait a minute….who calibrated this detector? Hmm, I did! Was I using my intuition? Yup, sure was. Wait up, how did I get that intuitive feeling? Yup, I learned it from my experience. Is my narrow human perception truly able to decide what is real and what is bullshit? Nope. One step forward two steps back. That was fun for a bit, now its old and I’m bored with it. Faulty machine anyway.

“In my humble opinion” what a strange and ridiculous statement that is, it so undervalues my opinion, my belief, my take on what comes next. Am I able to make a value judgement? Am I to trust my meandering thoughts? Are my thoughts, values and judgements any better or worse than the next man? “In my experience” I believe many wild and brilliant things are possible. Even now after approximately 200,000 years of humans being on this earth, I still believe we can choose to change our current course, move towards a greater understanding of ourselves and fulfill our full potential as kind, loving, caring beings.

I no longer believe I am on a journey, I no longer believe that someone will come and save me, I no longer believe I am merely flesh and blood, I no longer believe I am a victim of circumstance, I no longer believe I have a destiny or destination. I do believe I am a man having a human experience as Nigel Roland Mitchell and everything is possible. That being said, I will not follow fools. I will lead by example and be kind, caring and considerate.

I will re-write his story as my story and make it musical and entertaining.

This is a good start point….