sewing my hand….

On Dec 10th 2012 I had an accident. The video is not for the squeamish. I was cleaning a large empty fishbowl at a friends house, it slipped and smashed in the sink and cut my hand. I fashioned a tourniquet out of a towel, wrapped my hand in another towel, cleaned the blood from the walls and drove myself to hospital. I was very calm and in a heightened state of awareness. I sensed I had some time before I got too light headed from losing blood as I walked into the E.R. though I was starting to feel dizzy. The security guard took one look at me and waived me through, the on duty nurse sat me in a wheelchair and I was soon in the capable care of great doctors and surgeons. I meditated the pain away and watched as they cleaned the wound, I refused painkillers and felt completely amazed at seeing the inside of my hand. I had my camera in my pocket and left handed I filmed a lot of the emergency operation. My hand is mending well and being profoundly right handed I am learning new skills with my left hand. They sewed the severed tendons and did a brilliant job, here is a very short clip.