are you ready? The NDAA 2013 is real.


I am a concerned observer of what I see unfolding around me and wish to inform you of some events that you may or may not already know. How you deal with what I am telling you is entirely up to you. I enjoy my freedom and claim it as a matter of fact. I do not need to defend it or have it defended for it is mine and always will be. It is yours too, if you want it. Judging by what I see unfolding, I am now doubting whether many of you want it or even believe it is worthwhile having. Let me pose a hypothetical question: More restrictions on how you live your life or Less restrictions on how you live your life? I hope you choose less restrictions as I do, if you choose more restrictions, carry on regardless of what I post. Its quite simple really, we are able to choose but there are consequences. So here is what I saw today…..

This is worth watching…
This is interesting too…
with all the will in the world I choose freedom. love and peace are my weapons.

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