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I stand behind my post
I did not make the video that I provided a link to at the end. I am not responsible for its title comments etc. or the inflammatory and speculative (to say the least) links to the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing. The video itself showed the amount of effort that unscrupulous people will go to in order to desensitize others in order to exert control. My post was more to do with the title and self written content of it, “the war for truth continues” and the ease with which the mainstream media reports “what you see” without much regard for truth and justice. Another reason for the video link I provided was to highlight the growth of work by “crisis actors” in Los Angeles and Southern California. Many people gravitate towards Los Angeles in search of celebrity or stardom and that draw is sadly growing. I have to say at this point though, Los Angeles and Southern California is absolutely beautiful with many brilliant and real people living here. It is the industry that dominates it that is, in my opinion “very dark” around the edges and always has been. There are way too many references to site here, Hollywood Babylon is as real today as it was when people’s ego’s were manipulated in it’s so-called glory days. I believe, if anything, it is more insipid today, there was an element of experimentation and niavete that was present in the early days of Hollywood. To say, I am jaded by what I have witnessed by working and living in the home of the “entertainment industry” is indeed an understatement. When the brilliant and incisive Frank Zappa stated “Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.” He was not kidding. It may now be that the “entertainment industry” is the propaganda division of governments. Again, there are many brilliant and beautiful people who live and work in that industry.
As a footnote: (in response to the “obsession with false flags”) comment that was aimed at me by the amazing photographer and brilliant human being Helen. I have no such obsession. I make music and art that I love. I make a simple living creating illusions for the big and small screen and use that meagre income to fund that art. I live simply and love freely. My goals are set and re-set constantly as I learn more about myself and the world in which I live and breathe. I love everybody and understand few. I intend to make this world a better world for my children. My possibly “nieve belief” is that my search for truth may help me, help them. Love and peace are still my weapons.
Nigel R Mitchell

the war for truth continues…..


I work in the “film business” I make things “look” real. I know how to “cheat the truth” to sell the product. I view everything I see with a skepticism most people do not understand. I do not watch television or go to the movies much because I am so jaded by the process. Everyone is selling something with hyper-real lies and I now believe some are actually believing their own propaganda. The blurring between reality and illusion has always fascinated me, I just step back and look at the big picture and see more clearly that its mostly an illusion. The real danger with this in my opinion, is who is making the reality/illusion we see and what is their intention, what are they selling? Then, after some more consideration, who is buying it. Please watch the movie “wag the dog” and you will see some compelling reality/illusion blurring. 

Alongside some brilliant special effects friends and other Art department people, I have created realistic suicide bombers, huge explosions, wars, catastrophic fires, floods, death and destruction. All in the name of entertainment, enlightenment and fun. I make an okay living doing it and get to be artistic and creative in my work. I consider it all an illusion, a suspension of reality, it is all fake. I am a responsible human being, I am not writing this as a disclaimer or excuse. I am writing this so people can try and understand the nature of “reality” as presented in the media, all media. It is all illusion, everything. They are selling you something, almost always, something you do not need. Be awake, aware and alive, see the truth, feel the truth inside you. Love is the only thing that is real.

In this link, people are being sold fear, hate and war by people who have already bought it and want to perpetuate it. It is a lie of the greatest magnitude by unscrupulous people. It no longer shocks me, it saddens me. Desensitized people are willing to do horrific things. To find my truth I use love and peace as my weapons.

please watch the video’s in the link.


I have always understood fundamentally that greed was wrong. I have many poor friends and a few, wealthy ones, all of whom agree with that sentiment. Some claim they got lucky and others that they are unlucky. It has very little matter either way. I believe, it is not whether you are wealthy or poor that matters, the plain and simple truth is this. The system by which this world is run is infected so horribly with greed that it is about to implode.

Please, do not blame your wealthy friends and families, please do not blame yourselves, please do not look to blame anyone. As Oscar Wilde once said, “I can resist everything but temptation.” If you watch all four of the video’s in this link I provide, you will see how we got here and the uselessness of politician’s in our current system.

Our duty now, in my opinion, is to accept the inevitable demise of the greedy system and search deep within ourselves and realize we are human beings, with amazing potential and compassion. We can survive the end of this ridiculous, greedy, corrupt system and we can start to care for each other.

For many years I have witnessed around the world a kindness and care for others when things get rough. It is precisely that which we have to rely on now, our love and compassion, our quest for peace and understanding, our love.

I used to spend a lot of time running around warning people of the impending destruction at the hands of greedy despots, the warmongers and control freaks, but now, I fear it may be too late to wake some people up, they have fallen for greed’s spell and have forgotten who they really are. Please prove me wrong and shake yourselves from this trance. This is our world of abundance and it can sustain us well, we just have to do without greed. Live simply and pursue love and peace, do not support a system that promotes greed. I have protested, I have been an activist for peace and I always will be. So many slogans, so many protests, so many rallies, no one will silence me. I have got it down to four words……GREED KILLS, END WARS.

Click on this link below and please watch all four episodes. It helps to understand how we got here and these four episodes were very well put together, in my opinion.

here is a different link to watch the same programs, please watch all of them.