extreme me extre me

On knowing I will always be in an Extreme Relationship.

I looked very closely at the “moral boundaries” before I dove in.
When I realized that I was going into a lifelong relationship with someone who was willing to explore the extremities of all that life has to offer, I opened myself up to the experience. The most important lesson I have learned in my life is “know thyself”…

I find it hard to curb my enthusiasm for life’s roller coaster of a ride. I do recognize the risk’s inherent in embracing all the possibilities and often feel like the proverbial “kid in a candy shop” I do get overwhelmed sometimes.

My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self has seen some serious battering’s over the years but still I continue to push the “extreme” button. I enjoy living at the edges of society, a society I see as controlled and manipulated by self-serving, self-appointed, greedy, rulers. I truly believe that until one knows oneself, following those who tell you that they know best, will always be the “easy” but wrong action to take in our short but beautiful human experience on our abundant earth.

I was not born to expect everything to be available to me, quite the contrary. I have learned to accept that if I want something, I must work for it. Not conventional “master and servant” work but the work of honing my desires and manifesting them through a determined and focused effort.

I have only myself to blame, I only have myself to praise.
Society frowns on the second half of that statement and provides willingly for the first part. It is a society built on controlling you.

Guilt is a weight no man should carry. What do I mean by that? We cannot step boldly forward into the unknown if we are not prepared to make mistakes. We sometimes are admonished for mistakes and that leads to feelings of guilt. Guilt is a fear-based tool wielded by the righteous, who want us to stand still or do the impossible and go backwards.

I say, upwards and onwards, I seek a better life. You know that kid’s song, “if your happy and you know it, clap your hands” well, as a kid I always thought, not yet, wait a minute, is this it, really. I suppose I still feel that way, though I am starting to understand the bigger questions like, what is happiness?

I have a notion that happiness is very closely linked to creativity, that’s what really works for me.


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