New Music of The Day – XXXI : Shite – Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly

Dancing About Architecture

11162461_10155517106240615_7145877327197203704_nWith a career path that has seen them trade The UK West Country for the US West Coast, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have made a career of lyrically leftwing electronic dance music. With the gloriously titled “shite” (the suffixed “e” seems to make it street smart rather than crass) they continue their wide spread opposition to accepted notions and conformity, albeit here in a vague, robotic, stream of conciousness sort of way. But the brevity of their social comment this time out apart what they offer up is not only a fun piece of dance floor anarchy but a series of remixes that range from glitchy futurism to psychedelic trippyness. The Ricky Tomlinson sample is merely a wonderful added bonus.

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