advertising junky (it’s a trap)

ad junky its a trap art 1

As a child of the fifties/sixties in England and surrounded by the majestic Cotswold Hills, I grew up with a true understanding of the nature and beauty surrounding me. I was not bombarded by the endless billboards, television and advertising my children and I have to contend with today. Oh yes, we know their claims in advertising are falsehoods and we know and understand that we are being sold short of our humanity; at least, I hope we know that. I certainly try to teach my children to see through the maze of lies that they are fed on a daily basis by unscrupulous profiteers. Somewhere during my short spell on this beautiful and abundant planet, the advertiser’s and media achieved precedence over the truth.  There is a rising desperation that I have noticed in the economies of the world and hopefully (in their panic) they will burn themselves out and we can resort to kindness as currency instead of playing “follow the leader” into the abyss. To measure one’s success by gauging how popular “the media” say you are or by the amount of goods you own is a very shortsighted and false measurement. Love what you do, do what you love….be very careful what you buy as truth.