My Manifesto (continued)

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I am sure that if you read my previous posting entitled My Manifesto, you would like me to expand on it somewhat. Here goes…..

In order to progress humankind we must start being kind as well as human, that seems logical to me and to the many people I encounter on my travels. I am always willing to engage in conversation and usually I ask people what they think of my ideas and ask them for theirs. I find that common courtesy and kindness helps open a dialogue easily. The most frequently posed problems people have with my idea is how to fund it and wouldn’t people just be lazy and take advantage of it? To address the first problem is relatively easy, we could spend less on the industrial war machine, we could take it from the idle rich, there are many ways to fund it, and we could easily afford it if we had the will to implement it. Will some people take advantage of the new system and be lazy? I do believe some people would at first take advantage of it and some would be lazy but I also believe, that it would soon be a catalyst for more inventive and useful ways to progress mankind. If people were not born into a defensive and almost impossible struggle for survival, they would find time and educated ways to contribute to a caring community. The other naysayers say it’s against “human nature” I do not believe that is true. Some people have given up on the very idea of progress for humanity. I find that very sad, apathy and myopic thinking is how we got ourselves into this mess we are in.

The system is broken and we can create a better one. We have the means, we have the tools, we have the will and we will progress humanity. With compassion and kindness, everything is possible.