power to the peaceful

power to the peaceful

Agenda 2030, is the new update of the old control system and seems to be ramping up speed…. why people do not see it, I’ve no idea but we have to plough on and target the “real enemies” of our freedom, the implications of the ramping up are “they” are getting desperate and fearful, therefore we must not. We must continue to highlight their fear of our power. I believe we must continue to build on this simple maxim “power to the peaceful.” Their tools will be their downfall if we give them enough rope. We need to keep metaphorically “kicking against the pricks” and watch the palaces and temples of the “ruling elite” burn with their own fear mongering and hatred. Greed is eating itself and we must let it. I might start giving away Nero costumes…. I make music at www.tunnelmental.com as a narrative to the demise of regressive existence…. love and peace are my weapons.

Nigel R Mitchell.