who am I?

me communicate

This is a photograph of the human being named Nigel R Mitchell. It is an adequate representation of his human form. He chooses to express himself with music and art. He has found a willing and brilliant accomplice named Derek Pippert. They call themselves “tunnelmental”



We used to be funneled somewhat invisibly into our places, now its a bit more obvious. The basic training was also anonymous and easy. We put on the blinders and accepted the rewards; some of the rewards were quite brilliant. We got used to it, we often welcomed it, and it was easy. Then the bosses got greedy and lazy, we had to find our own blinders, and we had to accept a somewhat lesser version of what we thought we wanted. Then on top of all that they expected us to watch as the bosses wasted our rations. Some of us stopped putting on the blinders, some fell over and could not cope, others burnt theirs and tried to show the blindered one’s it was safe. Some were punished but soon the unblindered became strong. They shouted loud and clear, take off the blinders, take them off now.

who are you fighting for and why?

go find our music by searching for tunnelmental.

We are an ever evolving, brilliant and beautiful race of human beings that has lost our way in the falseness of a society we have created. We are wasting our time supporting a careless and violent system of controls on this abundant world we populate. We need to recognize this and choose kindness, love and peace. Work for peace as hard as those that push for more war, it will be a labour of love if you use kindness and work for peace. I believe it is our purpose to help each other and to create a better and more caring society. Be kind, be brave, give love, be peace.

I need to make more music and art, it helps me.



why I bother

me avebury

I always believed that my duty was to make a better world. Some people think that statement is a bit pompous and arrogant, to them I say, you sit this one out then, I got it. I sometimes struggle with my task, yet I still believe that it is my duty.

Its quite simple to do really, there are a lot of people in this world struggling yet believing that they are special and of course they are correct in that. I think we can all make a difference and here are a few tips.

First and foremost, be kind. Yes, kindness should always be the start point of all that you do.

Second and important, find passion. What are you passionate about, what gets your creative juices flowing? I found music and art but it could be anything, as long as you are truly passionate about it and remember the First and foremost part above.

Third and essential, love what you are and what you do, it transforms the very core of what you might find work into a purposeful and creative flow.

Fourth and huge, forgive yourself for falling over once in a while, we all fall over sometimes.

This is the Fifth and last tip for now, it was one of the hardest things of all for me to learn, ask for help, ask, ask, ask. There are many people who have done amazing things in their lives who are only too willing to help others and help create that better world.

That is why I bother.

Nigel of http://www.tunnelmental.com