damage limitation via knowledge…

by tunnelmental


fool dance

It hurts today, can I stop it? The simple, brutal answer is no.

Can I understand it? Maybe, if you desire to. Will that help me deal with it? Maybe is the best answer I have.

Is my suffering of my own making? Yes, in a way, it is but there is no simple answer, for if you desire you suffer and a life without desire is meaningless and wasted.

What should I do, should I desire less, will that reduce the suffering? No, is the simple answer. Then is it dependent on what you desire? Maybe is the best answer I have.

If I am going to follow any path towards enlightenment, will I know I am on the correct path? Only you will be able to judge that but maybe is the best answer I have.

So, is there any hope of damage limitation via knowledge? MAYBE.

Then, I choose the path of maybe.

The way of infinite possibility.

Love and Peace are my weapons.love and peace

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