power to the peaceful…stop following fools, make your own rules.

sad truth on resourses

I have studied the human condition most of my life and hold certain belief’s as self evident. It is only now, later in my life that I see more clearly how many people are led a merry dance by the “ruling elite” and they actually seem to thrive on it’s drama and lies. It is a curious game that I remember playing as a child, “follow the leader” we called it. One person is nominated as the leader and we all trail along doing whatever they do or say, it is fun until the leader starts walking towards the precipice. As a grown man, I have made many choices, some are deemed “bat shit crazy” but I knew that my choices were based on the desire to help make a better world, to protect the freedom that I so dearly love. The freedom to be a lunatic, to be a renegade, to be me. I decided a long, long, time ago to stop following fools, to recognize that slippery slope of accepting second best, to activate my desires. Boy, did I make some bad choices and decisions along the way. I would make a list but what’s the point, I wont really change, I love my life and I will continue to spread my messages and opinions wherever I see fit. I am only truly happy being creative and I am sure that I am on the right path. I want love, then I must be love, I want peace, then I must be peace. If I want it, I must be it. Please, if I have any wise words to encourage anyone then these are it. DO NOT FOLLOW FOOLS.


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