Just a thought…


My thoughts for today….
I do not have any definitive answers to questions/observations about the “blind spot” in “reality” most people seem to have. Maybe social conditioning has them “not caring” or worse.

You know that thing that happens when you ask a direct question to a politician and they answer by re-phrasing the question back at you and appearing clever or smart. Maybe that’s enough for most people, maybe they can accept answers given that way. I would guess that many people genuinely accept “knowledge” is something “given to them” instead of seeking their own answers. I believe that individually driven education is essential if we are to see through the veil of lies and controls that “the system” of government force-feeds us. I am hopeful of humanity because the “hidden hand” is becoming very visible, exposing the truth about greed and its complete lack of compassion. There are many “followers” wearing “blindfolds” and comfortably accepting a very narrow version of what life is. I do not concern myself too much with trying to “save” every individual. Not unlike violent revolution, if you just rip off one control system, another will soon replace it.

Many brilliant and open-minded people who are waking up to “the lie” encourage me by taking control of their own lives. The only way forward for humanity is non-compliance to the control system. The clumsier and more desperate that system gets, the more people stop following its ridiculous rules. I am rambling a bit, sorry.

My duty as a human being is to live, love, life to it’s fullest by experiencing it for what it really is. My choice is FREEDOM. My greatest gift LOVE. My hope for humanity is PEACE.

My greatest challenge is to create beauty from all the chaos I witness in society. So, I make music.  The most important question I really seek an answer to is this “who am I”?  My latest attempt at understanding the question is an album entitled “waiting here for you” co-written and produced by me and the amazing Derek Pippert, the greatest friend a man could ever have. We are tunnelmental.


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