more by me…thinking about thinking…


More thoughts….

I find that most of the time I only really know that I know nothing. My experiences in life are just that, mine own. Perception is everything. The most important question is who am I? If I am to believe in love, I must be love. If I am to believe in peace, I must be peace. It has become clearer to me of late that looking outside of me and into society really bares little semblance to the world I desire. So, if part of me desires a better world, then I must make it so. The key to that in me is creativity, so I make music. I love making music and it seems to me that when people take the time to actually use their senses, most people do like music. I think there will always be more questions than answers, so I could never be righteous; I just try to focus my questions on what I am able to deal with. Sometimes, I can tackle the big questions, sometimes I cannot, I choose. I will always try and understand and be as kind as is possible. From kindness everything grows, from cruelty everything suffers. I am currently in Los Angeles, originally from UK. I try to dissolve all borders that prevent mankind.

Waiting here for you.

Sending love and peace.

Nigel of tunnelmental.


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