In Conversation with myself. (shallow thoughts)


I will put some of these meanderings on my blog for all to see as I try to find the better me. I know he’s in here somewhere; so much clutter, what a nutter!

I am not looking for an end of suffering, for that is not my business. I am looking for an end to making others suffer. We need a ceasefire in the need for some people using their suffering as a reason to make others suffer. The very idea that we are all suffering, to one degree or another, is obvious to me. To insist that you should feel “my pain”, so you can understand what I am going through is both selfish and destructive.

I do understand how Empathy and Sympathy differ from one another and this simple picture below is to show how I get there, sometimes. Do not confuse what I am writing about as lack of compassion, it is only through compassion and kindness that we can grow.


I know I can use most of my senses well enough to see, hear, feel, etc. So when someone close to me needs help, I usually, when I am able, just offer or just step up and start helping them. I have pretty much, always thought that we all did that, or at least tried to do that. Certain experiences have recently showed me quite clearly how that is not so. Whether this is a shift in society or just a recent revelation to me, is difficult to gauge, maybe a bit of both. I am not going to just sit here and point a finger at society, for after all is said and done, society is really just the collective us.

Oops, I am wandering with my thoughts again, try and stick to the point Nigel, if indeed there is one! Now, where was I? Oh yes, here. I know, I will try and break down my first paragraph; and by the way, if you have made it this far dear reader, well done and thank you for listening. Right, the task in hand, that first paragraph.

Firstly, it assumes that all life is suffering, if you do not agree with that part, wait a few days, more or less, then recognize something in your life you are struggling with. That is your “suffering” for now, you own it, its real and it all yours. You might need a friend to help you understand it, or you might project your suffering into someone else, the latter of these two solutions is what I am primarily documenting here.

If you made it this far “dear reader” then I encourage you to continue to the end, it should not take long, I have to deal with more pressing issues, like directly dealing with my own suffering and helping alleviate a friends suffering at the same time.

So, read once more, the first paragraph please. I just did, it’s a bit of an arrogant assumption but I am experiencing my observation. I could re-write the first paragraph in the form of a question, if I thought I could find an answer but alas, I do not believe there is one. As usual, I am making a statement, an observation, based on my experience, from my point of perspective. The search for truth is littered with unanswered questions and I am ready to accept that. There are so many questions. I should try and focus my attention on a few of the most important ones.

Here is the start of my list:-

Who am I?

How can I grow into a better human being?

How can I help others?

WOW, these are difficult and I am suffering! Boom, there it is, that first paragraph again. Feck it, I am going round in circles. Ooh, hold on wait a minute, this is fun…..WEEEEEEE!


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