what is, is.


Some masks are used to scare or intimidate, others to hide behind; many masks are worn for survival in today’s society.

We are all capable of masking our true potential in a society hell bent on controlling everything we are capable of. It’s almost impossible to find any “truth” in the media and politics. Currently on social media, it seems more like “make a statement, form an opinion and start a fight media” the search for truth is being abandoned.

I do not hide the fact that I mostly use social media to promote my music and art in the hope that it will support the humble and creative life I choose to live. No hidden agenda in that. If I post other stuff it is as entertainment and commentary, hopefully with some humour and information. I like to try and help others and I believe in kindness, so it goes without saying, that I try to be kind when publicly posting anything.

So, back to the point I was trying to make. A good friend and I were talking recently and it got a bit heated, opinions were flying back and forth, it was fun for a little while, then I suddenly realized, she was getting very angry and agitated, I slowly saw a mask appear (not physical) across her face, her words became stilted and her voice a bit shrill, I stopped talking and listened as she worked herself up into a frenzy. I tried calmly to say “let’s stop talking”, to which she got offended and said the phrase my children use when challenged, “you started it” I had to smile and that made things worse. As I left my friends house I thought about how I may have annoyed her and recapped our conversation trying to find what triggered that anger in her, it was not easy, as we had tackled many subjects and touched on many issues during our debate. I tried to distance myself and observe in retrospection the conversation; then it struck me clear as a bell. I can now see that I came across to her as arrogant and righteous. I know I am opinionated but I do try and keep open minded. That “jump to judgment” moment when she got angry and her mask appeared was clearly when I said, “either we are all god or there is no god” which is a contentious and non-provable hypothesis I still stand by; purely as an opinion!

I will continue to have an opinion on all things, I will try to curb my way of presenting my opinion, I will try and ensure that when I get into a debate that whoever I am debating with understand that it’s just my opinion.

So in conclusion, my mask is on, I will try and make it one of humility and consideration; one of kindness and growth, then hopefully it will become the mask of a peaceful warrior. My mask is not worn to hide my true intentions; it is there so I can see more clearly.

Oh, by the way, I apologized to my friend after a couple of days and they laughed, she said it was all just nonsense and I should not be so dramatic….I did not rise to her bait on this and just acknowledged what is!


I like this graph it helps me…


Now some shameless, self promotion and a gift for listening to my “opinion”




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