Create beauty to progress…


We all know it’s wrong, yet we stumble along, I will sing you a song, of the careless…

When we as human beings create a thing of beauty, it is a way forward, a flickering glimmer of light.

I believe we can overcome the darkness of destruction by creating “moments of bliss” for ourselves and share them with the rest of humanity.

Compassion and kindness, that is the way forward. All else is just control system bullshit.

I love what we human beings are capable of, as Mankind we can become brilliant, as Mancruel not so much.

To that end, I Nigel and my music partner Derek aka “tunnelmental” are putting the finishing touches on an album that we shall release in early 2017 “waiting here for you”

Eight songs that we lovingly wrote, recorded and produced in our studio “Orange Groove Studio” We loved creating it and want you to hear it.

trailers for “waiting here for you”




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