tunnelmental, an update….

me n derek gotbiff crop.jpgDerek and Nigel are “tunnelmental”                                                     Photo credit: Paul Beahan.

We’ve been very busy in our “orange groove studio” just finished new remixes for Moby. We will keep you posted on those real soon.

We are releasing a single on the first Friday of February, entitled “awake me” There will be a music film we made for it coming soon also. The music film was directed and edited by Mitch Steele.

Here is a picture of what the cover will look like for the single.


We are working on art for the album entitled “waiting here for you” ten songs that will be released in the early spring 2017.

This will probably be the front cover art.

waiting here for you cover art.jpg

Keep your eyes and ears open for “tunnelmental” and “waiting here for you” 2017 is shaping up to be a very interesting year…..

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