and there are Monsters…


Do I choose too much? Is there really too much to choose from? Is choice free? How “conditioned” am I?  I firmly believe in freedom of choice but one must truly look at what we choose from. Is it unlimited? Is it truly free? I have answered these questions of myself and have found so many anomalies, mostly based on my “conditioning” or in other words, my life experience. So much so that I have chosen to try and circumvent that conditioning and look at my basic needs and wants. Now I start to question my questions, now I stop looking around me, now I forget my past, now I forget myself. Now I can start….


It always comes back to this basic question, this is the only one that is important, this is the question that we all must ask ourselves.





There is another way.

I make music with my mate Derek as tunnelmental, I love what we make, I believe I have found another way of being.


I believe that there are many alternatives to the way the world currently works, I believe if you have the will and resolve you can do what you love and through that work you can thrive. It’s sort of true that I have used music as a survival tool in a system of control’s that I see is strangling all the goodness in the world. That was a reactionary start and was pretty punk rock, I was screaming at the system and standing on the outside looking for someone to blame. I can now see the limitation’s of that stance. I still get sad and angry at the greedy oppressors and I still use that anger as a catalyst for my ranting’s. It’s only now that I can also see another way, a way forward that works for me, an inclusive and surprisingly easy way. It is simply this, I will only be creative, I will only put my 100% effort into being creative. I will not look towards destruction as a means to progress. I will try and make every part of my human existence a creative process. Sure, I will slip and fall from time to time but now I will forgive myself. I will, whenever possible, help others and I will try to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. To this brilliant and abundant earth from which I came and into which I will eventually go, I will honour you as my Mother and live a full and creative life as a human being. I will never stop growing, for I have found another way.

Right, now that’s off my chest and out in the world. Here is a bit of what I am talking about, the result of some of that creativity…

some singles from tunnelmental