Words and the way we use them…

by tunnelmental

There are words that slide their way into our everyday vernacular almost unnoticed. We hear them bandied about and use them unknowingly and often mistakenly. We even align ourselves with them without even thinking about it. Here is an example I have heard many times by politicians especially. In their normal condescending way they feel sorry for those marginalized and disenfranchised people affected by some tragedy or another.




When you feel powerless, someone feeling sorry for you may feel good but if you truly feel disenfranchised then you are missing a very powerful meaning. You may not, as I have not, been franchised or enfranchised in the first place. I do not seek permission to be free, no authority, no government, no official has granted me this, I have always been and will always be free.

By the power vested in me I pronounce me free.

Do not feel powerless to learn, we have so many things to learn, it’s right there in front of you, the free internet. For now.

Love and Peace.