Can I be Mankind


2018 and here is our first single of the year. This year we will be “shooting from the lip”

Can I be Mankind – a music film




Can I be Mankind


Someone’s selling me something

To make me change again

Told me I’d be better off with

The pleasure and the pain

Just another ponzi scheme

Make me drop the dream

I’m trying to make a difference

You’re calling me extreme


You know that you can hurt me

Yet you keep on keeping on

Change comes from within

Sing a different song

You want this life of conflict

Know I just don’t care

Kick me when I’m down again

More than I can bare


Get the latest version

Better than the last

See into the future

Looking at the past

Sell me something worth it

Nail me to the mast

Stuck inside your nightmare

Spinning way too fast

Your spiral has gone viral

Your spin is just a lie

You blame the game

You chose to play

And I’m supposed to cry


Now I’m at the crossroad

Time to roll the dice

Light me like a candle

Not a sacrifice

I’ll never be your savior

You will not be mine

Try a different flavor

Write another line

Close my eyes to see you

All inside my mind

Got a better version

Can I be mankind

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