BEWARE of the “culture creep’s”….



This is a theory, it is an idea, a hypothesis, that is all. Let me know what you think.

me thank you

I believe popular culture may be a trap.”

Nigel R Mitchell of “tunnelmental”


Culture definition:

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

“20th century popular culture”

Synonyms: The arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement;

Literature, music, painting, philosophy, the performing arts

“Exposing their children to culture”

  • A refined understanding or appreciation of this.

“Men of culture”

Synonyms: Intellectual/artistic awareness, education, cultivation, enlightenment, discernment, discrimination, good taste, taste, refinement, polish, sophistication

“A man of culture”

  • The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.

Plural noun: cultures

There is little doubt in my mind that “the fools that rule” are using art and culture as weapon’s to divide and rule, to destroy freedom of expression and control our lives.

It is not only the crass commerciality of advertising, though that in and of itself is doing plenty of damage to society. I believe it is no coincidence that the most popular galleries in the western world are owned and ran by businessmen. As is nearly all the media. I think it is not just happenstance or luck. I am talking of direct interference here, not just the megalomaniac’s like Branson, Getty, Saatchi et al. The reason for their patronage is cloaked as an appreciation for art (they may actually like some of the art they collect). Yet they are just collectors, all be it on a very grand scale. What bothers me most about the insipid need to “own it all” is it’s scope to become the portal of the disingenuous, to smooth out all the rough edges of art in general and make it homogenous. Artists need room to grow. In society today, as soon as an artist becomes popular, there is an upsurge of lookalike, soundalike, copiers that are funded by their patrons and force fed onto an unsuspecting public through the system. The very system that claims to be radical is in itself the self same system that is funding it. The aim of a revolutionary artist is to challenge such a system, yet as soon as it does, the system either buys it up or floods the market with a manufactured and less radical rip off’s. Those that get funding and attempt to stay radical are savaged by the media, which is also part of the system and owned by the same type of people. This at first seems ridiculous even to the greedy entrepreneurs but they soon become made aware of how disposable their art collections become and thus turn art into tokens of the economy and articles of commercial fashion. In society today the very idea of art and culture are weaponized by the greed and control of consumerism.

There are still outsiders, there are still single minded thinkers, there are still free radicals, they are marginalized for not joining the system or they are portrayed as hypocrites. The outsiders and the radical supporters they create art for soon learn to call them “sellouts” and turncoats.

So, how do we continue to push for radical change in society? We learn to dodge and weave, we become adept at manipulation and deception whilst never losing sight of our objective, to create a better world. There are many doing this and they are genuinely brilliant and talented. Seek and you shall find….

Create because you have to, create original challenging art.

Art is “alive and kicking” against the control system.

I make music because I have to, I make music I love.

Please do not follow fools to the precipice.








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