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The album “shooting from the lip” just kept coming; track after track flowing out of us, we just let it happen. Derek and I had just finished and released the album “waiting here for you” we never really stopped to think about what’s next, we just kept writing and recording. We didn’t say anything about it to each other, every day we would just go into our studio.

Derek would be working away, playing piano, manipulating some synth sounds, scratching a rhythm from some vinyl or tweaking a drum sound and before we knew it we were laying down vocals, mixing and mastering as we go. I let my pen flow across the page, whatever came out I offered up. It clicked into place and we went on to the next one.

It was a truly strange experience for me, like letting our energy be focused on nothing, no control, no boundaries or limitations, no deadlines, just flows.

Energy is everywhere, the creative force is infinite and magical, and our studio became a portal to creativity. I believe we just allowed it to pass through us.

It was “shooting from the lip”!

Nigel of tunnelmental.

Shooting From The Lip was an exercise in holding on and enjoying the ride. With each new track, I was amazed at how the ideas and rhythms just flowed. Nigel and I never set out to create music in one specific sub genre but to write songs with a common theme and I think we achieved that in Nigel’s lyrics. From the dramatic “The Strangers Voice” to the playful “Can I Be Mankind” this album is truly a slice of life experience. In writing Shooting From The Lip, we had no idea what kind of mood or groove the next track would have but rather searched for a unique sound and built off of that, wherever it led us.

Derek of tunnelmental.


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Never stopping their pursuit of crafting fine tunes, always delivering in the most epic presentations with an extremely crisp and refined sound, @Tunnelmental tunnelmental experimental assembly have for you another full length release filled with dancefloor melodies, downtempo grooves, and pop sensibilities. Fusing their completely unique mixture of EDM, Pop, Trip-Hop, and Electronica, these adventurous Californian duo have struck gold again. Every track on the album manages to stand out on it own, fusing different elements of your favorite electronic dance genres into unique mixture filled with the perfect dosage of predictable melody and sonic experimentation. You’ll find yourself humming along to the catchy synth lines, or tapping your foot to the funky beat. You’ll never find yourself bored.

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