Genres and Labels…hmm?!

me and derek at mic bw

We are tunnelmental and we were born out of the punk movement in the UK, we are and have always been loyal to the very core of what I, Nigel interpreted from the energy and art of that first call of Punk. I heard it clearly in 1977 in the UK and I still hear it clearly today. We must challenge all authority, we must stand and resist the established order, and we must forge a new and peaceful path towards freedom. Of course, my idea was gleaned from witnessing the likes of Crass and not just that band but many of their mindset. Almost 40 years later as we continue forward, we must once again face our task with renewed vigor. As a band tunnelmental has developed over the years, we have zigged and zagged, yet we remain constant and true. Derek, my music partner had a very different music background in the USA, he was influenced by the birth of hip-hop and studio recording. We clicked so well, for there was a common bond, we wanted to write original and passionate music. A couple of years ago at a small independent festival in the west of England, someone who watched us perform asked me what genre of music is this? I said I don’t like labels, you tell us, and he said “punktronica” I said I didn’t mind that.

Here is a link to our most recent release.

We are constantly writing new material and have a studio base in Los Angeles.

If you would like more information please contact me.

Nigel of tunnelmental.

Hooked on fake and fakery?

me chainsawladymounted

I think too much, I get that a lot from my friends. I don’t really, most of my friends are just not willing to face the fact that we are all buying into a huge lie! As if, by admission of that, we are not thinking at all. It has always been a huge con, a shell game, a trick, if you will. You were born into the trick, it was and has been in effect through most of human history. It has been honed sure, it is constantly changing in order to fool most of us most of the time. We are hooked on fake and fakery, we are educated within it, we experience within it, we try not to think about it. So, in a way, my friends are correct when they say “I think too much” but also they are incorrect because I really don’t give any of my thinking much credence. Has it helped me? Probably not, would be my answer. Have I enjoyed it? Heck yes. It’s a great game, seeing the trick and the tricksters wriggle and squirm, watching it/them try to be one step ahead of those that see it as an elaborate illusion. I must watch myself here though, for part of the trick is to allow oneself moments of smug satisfaction; the tricksters do this in order to fool us into believing we have it sussed. I don’t think I am even close, I don’t believe, for one minute, that I have seen through the illusion fully. That would be very arrogant of me.

Here is some of what I observe and some of what I rail against, for they are intertwined for me. You see, I cannot help but believe it is all connected.

Some of what we are, in my opinion, detrimentally hooked on.

1. We live in a democracy… If there was ever a “trick” that got us here, it was that one.

2. Organized Religion… The most ridiculous idea, that if we do as we are told, the afterlife, heaven, our next life, call it what you will, will be better.

3. Freedom is essential for truth… This is a clever one, for it implies we can be completely free, as long as we follow it’s true path and do not need anyone or anything. I need others, they need me, we are connected, can’t you see. Who granted your freedom? Define true freedom. It can be a quest, it cannot be achieved.

4. Someone (non defined) knows better than me… This is a good one, sure I can’t possibly know everything, so it stands to reason, we are to trust the experts, heck, if someone has authority and has studied scientifically, they must be able to tell me answers to all my problems. Yeah sure, that one.

5. We can only make progress if we unify… Another complex one, for if we unite we would need to acknowledge our differences. Agree to disagree, compromise our beliefs. This is why “united” is a tool of the trick, it has by default assumed we are divided.

6. This “ism” will fix it… Rubbish mate.

7. Get real… This is good too, it is just more “blame game” nonsense, my reality is bigger than your reality, utter bullshit.

I could go on but I am too busy, thinking, dreaming, making music and creating my reality. I have one thing left to write here, it is the sum of all my “thinking” and pondering. Or, if you will, my lack of it!


Nigel of tunnelmental.

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