It started out that we were going to finish up a new album, so we got working on it, writing, recording, producing, mixing and we were just flowing with ideas. We got 6 or 7 songs in and we started to think how eclectic the songs were, so we decided to release singles, after all, they are perfect snapshots and why not…..

We released “Falling Up” and got a great response. It was a song that really required a female vocalist and we scored big time when funkcutter from “anarchistwood” said she would do the honours.

Falling Up

Next we released “Human Racing” and we are very pleased with it.

Human Racing

Eventually we will put a bunch of “singles” plus a few surprises onto an album entitled “A Few Are Souls”

Its nearly October and we will release another single soon, expect something different.

Love and Peace.

Nigel of tunnelmental.