We Can…the story of a song.

Whilst visiting England during the spring of 2014, the idea for a song came to me. I was compelled to record it immediately, so I did a rough version on my laptop. I was listening back to it on headphones when my then 11-year-old daughter Joy came in and asked to listen, of course I said yes. She started humming a melody and then asked if she could write some lyrics. In less than an hour she had written and recorded scratch vocals for the song. That was the start of “we can”.
On our return to the US, Joy came into our studio and we recorded the vocals properly. Derek and I talked about producing the song and writing better music for it. We were recently going through rough ideas for songs that Derek and I have started and shelved, we opened the session and both thought it might be worth having another go at it. Derek re-wrote and produced the music. Joy now almost 16, said we could release it, as long as I let people know that she recorded it when she was 11, she also added that she wants to record some of her new songs soon. 
Nigel of tunnelmental.

We Can by tunnelmental (featuring Joy) will be released May 1st 2019.

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