In order to truly understand who I am, I have been on an inward journey most of my life. I discovered my truth, not “the truth” but my own, my sense of duty to my truth can be traced in part through my music. My focus has been deemed selfish; it has been called blindness and a waste of my time. I have shifted priorities, I have been turned around, I have been foolish and I have been smart but overall I have remained true. I believe, we have been lied to most of our lives by others, we can believe others, or we can look for our own truth, it’s really that simple. It’s not easy but I do believe, it’s that simple.

Power, I believe, is the quest of most humans; some seek it gently with influence, others with any and all means available. I believe what most people really seek is the power of control, to be able to find order in the chaos. The most powerful people for me are the subtle influencers, they seek a way to use their influence to make changes for themselves and then try to build a better world.

This leads us calmly to our present predicament.

Those that abuse their power, by any and all means, for personal gain, are being followed by the very people they have duped; they have found a way to manipulate us with greed. My advise to anyone who may read this, don’t follow greedy fools.

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