2019 we got busy…

I once rode a horse at Ascot in a big hurdle race, we finished third at 66/1, I think my Dad bet on her each way and made a few pounds. Not sure why I dreamt about it last night but I did, perhaps it was the mares name that sparked it, Perversity. Recently, I have been trying to find words that resonate with my self and my existence. Aside from the obvious like unorthodox, erratic, rebellious etc. Perversity seems very fitting.

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(This is not Perversity, I don’t have pictures of her.)

To be transported in dreams is a strange feeling for me, especially if it is linked to my youthful past; I think I was 19 year old when I rode in that race. Oh, by the way I was also becoming very aware of the way a class system worked. I felt I could beat the system by being good at what I did. That joke has followed me all my life. One of my racing trainers described me best when he told me “I was either brave or brainless” of course at nineteen I thought the former when in reality it was the latter. I am meandering through this writing like a staggering drunk, sorry. I woke this morning after the dream of Perversity with the intention of listing the highlights of this almost past year of 2019.

Derek Pippert is brilliant. I just want to start with that simple statement because it’s the truth, he has worked on every single part of our music so meticulously and diligently he deserves the praise. He and I (Nigel) are music partners, we write, produce, remix, mix and master all our own work in our custom “Orange Groove Studios” in Pasadena. It is “my happy place” and we love it. Right back to 2019 and our musical accomplishments…. Firstly we continued our plan and kept recording new songs, they flowed out at such a rate we released almost one a month and have built up more than twice that that has yet to be released. We intend to put out the 18-track album in early 2020, it will be entitled “a few are souls” and we are currently mastering those eighteen beauties. During 2019 we also updated our website and started working with a British based Music manager called Gordon. He is taking care of “business” because Derek and I are not; we both admitted quite freely to each other we are not businessmen. Gordon is a good bloke and we are lucky to have him on our team. Here is a link to our new website. http://www.tunnelmental.com/t.e.a./index.html

Derek J Pippert.

One of the reasons and there are many, that Gordon came on board was a single that largely went un noticed that we put out on Mayday 2019 that featured JOY who wrote the lyrics and recorded her vocals for it when she was 11 years old. I love it but I am biased because Joy is my daughter, who is now 16 years old. Gordon loved it and Derek was truly genius on producing the song “We Can” here is a link to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5xbVooId8c

Another highlight of 2019 was the brilliant and inventive remix that Tony Byker did for our single “Allegiance” he really did an amazing job. In his studio in Tokyo he re-imagined it and remixed it superbly. I even re-edited the music film for it, here is a link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oSx5f5EyT0 Please also support Tony Byker here. https://tonybyker.bandcamp.com/

So, in summing up. 2019 we wrote and recorded, mixed and mastered about 20 songs. It flowed out of us and we loved it. In a perfect world, working at our “Orange Groove Studios” would already be supporting our progress. As we wend our way into 2020 I have very high hopes that this will happen, most of my hope is in the hands of the aforementioned Gordon and his business plan. It will also rely on all of those that already know us, stepping up and telling everyone we exist. Please understand that we rely a lot on organic growth that comes from our current supporters, friends and relatives. So get busy please. Love and Peace. Nigel of tunnelmental.