Yawn, good morning? Time to wake up?

Who are we at war with? Could it be that we are at war with our Masters? Are the “ruling elite” starting to get a little concerned? Will they try and distract us from our awakening? Anyone know the lottery winning numbers? Did you hear what that politician said? Did my team win? They are having a sale at the mall, have seen that new restaurant? Oh, look a cute kitten typing? Do you smell burning? Have you seen the crazy guy who is promoting peace and love? Are the door’s locked? That girl on X-factor can sing and they own her?

A FEW ARE SOULS…some questions….

Q. Why put 18 tracks on one album? A. Because we can, does not truly answer it, though it’s true. We were writing, recording and releasing a single a month and we got ahead of ourselves, we were accumulating so many songs that we decided to catch up and consolidate. These 18 songs fit together.

Q. Why re-release some of the singles that are already out there? A. Because we added to the mix, re-mastered them for an album and they sound better but mostly so people can have the added value of buying an album that includes them. It’s cheaper to buy the whole album, than buy them individually. “A Few Are Souls” is good value, in many ways.

Q. Why is it important to release this album now? A. It’s important to us to put “A Few Are Souls” out now as our methodology is changing. This is in no way going to stop our output but will see us focus more on how we write, record and release our music. We are working from our constantly improving studio set up at “Orange Groove Studios” collaborating with guest musicians and singers. Also we are working on music for film and TV etc. The management side of our music is ramping up for us and we are happy about that, here is our website.

Q. Do you think “A Few Are Souls” is relevant in todays market? A. I believe that is covered in most of the lyrical content of the songs, yes it is relevant. The very idea of “today’s market” has had no real influence on why we write or record our music, aside from knowing that “market forces” are only really interested in profit. If an artist creates solely with that in mind, they are not being truthful as an artist, in my opinion.

Q. Do you consider the songs on the album dark? A. Yes, for the most part, they reflect what I observe. I am surprised more music does not do this, though I do understand it can be too dour for some. I do think however, it is overall a well balanced album. These are the times we live in. I do need to keep a sense of humor though, hence the wordplay.

If you have any more questions about “A Few Are Souls” please contact us, we like to hear from you.