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buy my music if you like it, please.

buy my music if you like it, please.

I make music and art, I live on the things I create. I have a creed I try to stick to, “live simply, love freely.” I need your help to spread the music and art I create, so please share it amongst your friends. Thank you. love and peace are my weapons.


Why are we being driven crazy?

“Three generations of bus drivers!”

“It seems to me that we got on this bus a long time ago, we missed our stop when we were lulled into falling asleep. Convincing the driver to turn around and take us back is where we are, collectively. This is not really an option, the driver was not our friend, he was always intent on getting us to this station, he loves his job and is paid well to do it.”

Want to know what is driving us crazy? Greed.

Want to know how it is spread? Media.

Want to know some of the originators of the technique’s used by the media and the “control obsessed world leaders”? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustave_Le_Bon

Am I getting to deep in the rabbit hole for you? Oh well, sorry. I always wanted to know who the bully was even if it was me. Knowing is half the battle, now I can do something about it. Time to get off this bus and get busy…….                                                                                                      http://youtu.be/yBR0VLcwdyk 

I don’t care too much for money…..


There are some people who care too much for money, I am more concerned with the way it is used as a weapon by the elitist criminals who run the world….

I like this video by this very funny man….http://youtu.be/15cKB4e3zuo

He mentions this man, please find out more about him, he seems to me to be a very bad man….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Green,_Baron_Green_of_Hurstpierpoint

And this one too…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mervyn_King_%28economist%29

and this one…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Wheatley

I can connect the dots, can you? Are we really willing to trust these people?

Really though, it boils down to this…GREED KILLS, END WARS.





I stare in disbelief at the warmongers,

Stretching the distance between human and being.

Once again rendering obsolete the lovers,

For a few more barrels of dominance.


Living in these careless times,

avoid the freedom restrictor’s

this god less city life

defending the dreamers


Hatred spreads like wildfire,

On ignorance it feed’s,

I watch the terror vision,

Sow its deadly seeds.


New blood on the cloak of vengeance.

His story it’s been told,

to the countless little children

in search of foolish gold.


Living in these careless times,

avoid the freedom restrictor’s

this god less city life

defending the dreamers

trial (rotten mix) music film.

come and get it….

come and get it….

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