“shooting from the lip” and why…



The album “shooting from the lip” just kept coming; track after track flowing out of us, we just let it happen. Derek and I had just finished and released the album “waiting here for you” we never really stopped to think about what’s next, we just kept writing and recording. We didn’t say anything about it to each other, every day we would just go into our studio.

Derek would be working away, playing piano, manipulating some synth sounds, scratching a rhythm from some vinyl or tweaking a drum sound and before we knew it we were laying down vocals, mixing and mastering as we go. I let my pen flow across the page, whatever came out I offered up. It clicked into place and we went on to the next one.

It was a truly strange experience for me, like letting our energy be focused on nothing, no control, no boundaries or limitations, no deadlines, just flows.

Energy is everywhere, the creative force is infinite and magical, and our studio became a portal to creativity. I believe we just allowed it to pass through us.

It was “shooting from the lip”!

Nigel of tunnelmental.

Shooting From The Lip was an exercise in holding on and enjoying the ride. With each new track, I was amazed at how the ideas and rhythms just flowed. Nigel and I never set out to create music in one specific sub genre but to write songs with a common theme and I think we achieved that in Nigel’s lyrics. From the dramatic “The Strangers Voice” to the playful “Can I Be Mankind” this album is truly a slice of life experience. In writing Shooting From The Lip, we had no idea what kind of mood or groove the next track would have but rather searched for a unique sound and built off of that, wherever it led us.

Derek of tunnelmental.


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Never stopping their pursuit of crafting fine tunes, always delivering in the most epic presentations with an extremely crisp and refined sound, @Tunnelmental tunnelmental experimental assembly have for you another full length release filled with dancefloor melodies, downtempo grooves, and pop sensibilities. Fusing their completely unique mixture of EDM, Pop, Trip-Hop, and Electronica, these adventurous Californian duo have struck gold again. Every track on the album manages to stand out on it own, fusing different elements of your favorite electronic dance genres into unique mixture filled with the perfect dosage of predictable melody and sonic experimentation. You’ll find yourself humming along to the catchy synth lines, or tapping your foot to the funky beat. You’ll never find yourself bored.

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The Strangers Voice

“The Strangers Voice” was released as a single on 23rd of March 2018.




The Music Film for “the strangers voice” some background information…

I wrote a synopsis for a music film that features an innocent man in prison who is about to be executed. The priest comes in and he is taken to the execution chamber. I was going to feature another man tormented by the knowledge of the innocent man being executed for the crime he did not commit. I was toying with lots of ways to shoot and edit this film myself. At the same time I was looking for inspiration from old films. I was looking around for film that is in the public domain and free to use. It was whilst looking through some old movies on The Library of Congress site here https://archive.org/details/moviesandfilms that I stumbled upon this film, Directed by Fritz Lang starring Edward G Robinson called Scarlet Street. I happened to click on the movie near the end and started to watch, I was so amazed and surprised by how it fit perfectly. I double checked that it was free to use.

I am no “purist” I love being creative and manipulating imagery, I can edit and mess with images all day long. I could make the images from the movie fit more easily and slickly to the rhythm and beat of the song, I could add colour washes and effects to make it glitchy and modern but instead I left it almost entirely unedited (I made one small edit, so it was the correct length for the song.)

Why did I choose not to manipulate the film? I wanted to emphasize something important to me. I have often wondered if there is such a thing as synchronistic coincidence, as I seem to see it all around me? Sometimes I hear or read something about deja vu or have what I call intuitive perception, a moment in time when all that is supposedly real around you seems to stop or disappear and your mind gets total clarity. It happens rarely for me but it does happen and it happened when I found this film. So that is why I wanted to keep it as pure and real (to me) as the song Derek and I wrote and produced. The strangers voice is one of those songs that “comes to you” and through “synchronistic coincidence” or some telepathic means, Derek and I created a song, I really love.

scarlet street public domain

Here is “The Strangers Voice” music film.

Link to tunnelmental channel on You Tube. The Strangers Voice – music film



The range of my emotions blur

I make no sense at all

I hurt myself to help you

I’m heading for a fall

You say you want my truth again

You wanted me to try

The thought police protected you

So you could live that lie

There’s no escape you tell me

You’re standing loud and proud

Committed to the party line

You’re playing to the crowd

I thought you would betray me

Yet love can make you blind

I could not stop that nagging doubt

From running through my mind

I’m not your Big Brother

I’m not your saving grace

I see you as the stranger

A voice without a face

You’re lost within this matrix

The dreams are all too real

The voice is loud within me

It tells me how to feel

It tells me what to feel

Now the trial is over

Now the trial is over

I can feel the rising pain

I lost my sight, this can’t be right

Are you still inside my brain

Lost and found, sense and sound.

Lost and found, Lost and found,

Lost and found, Sense and Sound.


The reasonable reaction?

me 2 laptops and a boomboxsky

Logic, is it robotic and devoid of emotion? Not when defined by me, for how can I be entirely logical and human? I kinda liked the way Star Trek simply portrayed it through the characters of Mr Spock and later with Data. It was a way of defining our human complexity and it’s faults without being too critical. It was always our emotions that failed us, yet they also defined us. If I carry on with this simple logical assessment of my current “feeling” I will undoubtably come to the “but thats illogical Captain” conclusion. Feelings are simply intuitive to most humans, we are emotional after all. How we are training or teaching ourselves to deal with those feelings is probably one of the most important lessons we can ever learn. It also takes the constant renewal of that lesson, for the more we learn, the more we put that experience into our arsenal of how we deal with our “feelings” it all seems quite logical, doesn’t it?

Why I am questioning myself, today!

Because I am feeling emotional!

Is what I seek just out of my grasp? Probably, is the best answer I can come up with. To reach a better answer, I will try and stay personal with you. Okay, I seek peace and love, two clearly obscure goals, who are almost entirely undefinable and totally subjective. So, the logical thing is to stop seeking the unattainable, right? Nope and I will continue my quest until I die. Why? Is it because I am driven to it by the sad representation of its opposites all around me? Probably, is again the best answer I can come up with. Is it a reasonable reaction? Again, probably, yet I see so many people falter at this and simply give up trying, which makes me sad. Oops, I said I would keep it personal to me, sorry. I do not try too hard to define my personal goals of love and peace, this helps me cope, most of the time. My “feelings” help me more than my logic on this. I have found it is easy for me to accept that life is suffering, it is not so easy to lessen my own suffering by conflict or denial. I have seen way too many people close to me who are in conflict with life and in denial of their own situation in life. So, I willingly accept my own suffering and move forward with my life, I do not celebrate in that suffering, I do not seek sympathy for my suffering, I do not martyr myself to it either, I just acknowledge it and accept it. So, is it possible to find love and peace? Yes, for brief moments in time. Is it possible to maintain them constantly? No, it is not, for they defy any clear definition. Should I stop trying? No, is my answer, for if I were to accept that they are out of reach and obscure ideals, I would stop suffering. Therefore, it stands to reason, if I stop suffering, I stop living. The reasonable reaction to what I have witnessed so far in my life? Continue to seek love and peace, for they are moments of bliss.

Well, I am glad I got that “off my chest” I would like it if someone would comment on my rants occasionally, it helps me re-focus. Nigel.

Some tunnelmental news….

In May of 2017 we released the album “waiting here for you” 12 glorious, original and creative songs. We were very happy to self release it and hope you enjoyed it.

We also released many remixes of our songs and remixed tracks for many other artists.

2018 has seen us release four singles and soon we will release a new album entitled “shooting from the lip”

We are very busy in our Orange Groove Studios

One question has been asked of us many times what does “tunnelmental” mean, here is a brief explanation.

If you want to follow us we are easily searchable, just type “tunnelmental” in any search engine and we are there.

I still post stuff on our facebook page.

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You can buy our music digitally everywhere, we like this place.

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More news soon…..


Eternal Flow

released this single recently….click here to see


Eternal flow


Sleep is where you hurt me

You didn’t know why

The sky didn’t fall

From the tear in my eye

I’m holding no grudge

Just leveling the field

The old school was not cool

The sword and the shield


I failed to raise my head.

Discouraged from my task

The questions that you ask

The shadow it is caste.

Can this dream continue?

I think I’ve lost my mind

Losing motivation

And the love of humankind.


And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow


Change don’t rearrange

The ties that truly bind

His story was a lie

Let’s leave it all behind

No war is ever justified

No love is ever dead

The speaker needs the listener

Or is it in my head?


And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow

We are eternal flow


And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow

And so to dreamtime we must go

Or drown within their T.V. snow

The bastards will not let us go

We have to break these chains

We are eternal flow

We are eternal flow

BEWARE of the “culture creep’s”….



This is a theory, it is an idea, a hypothesis, that is all. Let me know what you think.

me thank you

I believe popular culture may be a trap.”

Nigel R Mitchell of “tunnelmental”


Culture definition:

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

“20th century popular culture”

Synonyms: The arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement;

Literature, music, painting, philosophy, the performing arts

“Exposing their children to culture”

  • A refined understanding or appreciation of this.

“Men of culture”

Synonyms: Intellectual/artistic awareness, education, cultivation, enlightenment, discernment, discrimination, good taste, taste, refinement, polish, sophistication

“A man of culture”

  • The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.

Plural noun: cultures

There is little doubt in my mind that “the fools that rule” are using art and culture as weapon’s to divide and rule, to destroy freedom of expression and control our lives.

It is not only the crass commerciality of advertising, though that in and of itself is doing plenty of damage to society. I believe it is no coincidence that the most popular galleries in the western world are owned and ran by businessmen. As is nearly all the media. I think it is not just happenstance or luck. I am talking of direct interference here, not just the megalomaniac’s like Branson, Getty, Saatchi et al. The reason for their patronage is cloaked as an appreciation for art (they may actually like some of the art they collect). Yet they are just collectors, all be it on a very grand scale. What bothers me most about the insipid need to “own it all” is it’s scope to become the portal of the disingenuous, to smooth out all the rough edges of art in general and make it homogenous. Artists need room to grow. In society today, as soon as an artist becomes popular, there is an upsurge of lookalike, soundalike, copiers that are funded by their patrons and force fed onto an unsuspecting public through the system. The very system that claims to be radical is in itself the self same system that is funding it. The aim of a revolutionary artist is to challenge such a system, yet as soon as it does, the system either buys it up or floods the market with a manufactured and less radical rip off’s. Those that get funding and attempt to stay radical are savaged by the media, which is also part of the system and owned by the same type of people. This at first seems ridiculous even to the greedy entrepreneurs but they soon become made aware of how disposable their art collections become and thus turn art into tokens of the economy and articles of commercial fashion. In society today the very idea of art and culture are weaponized by the greed and control of consumerism.

There are still outsiders, there are still single minded thinkers, there are still free radicals, they are marginalized for not joining the system or they are portrayed as hypocrites. The outsiders and the radical supporters they create art for soon learn to call them “sellouts” and turncoats.

So, how do we continue to push for radical change in society? We learn to dodge and weave, we become adept at manipulation and deception whilst never losing sight of our objective, to create a better world. There are many doing this and they are genuinely brilliant and talented. Seek and you shall find….

Create because you have to, create original challenging art.

Art is “alive and kicking” against the control system.

I make music because I have to, I make music I love.

Please do not follow fools to the precipice.