The Answer is?

LOVE has been ignored and maligned. It has been devalued, it has been manipulated, It has been attacked.

Yet it just sits there waiting for us as the most powerful force in the Universe.

We must Love more.

Love is the answer.

Going quietly? Nope.

I got this in an e-mail today. I had to laugh at it….

As the sun slowly sets on the Elites and centuries of rule by Monarchs and Warlords, I ask a simple question, will they go quietly? I knew the answer of course but I didn’t expect them to stoop to this…hahahahaha.

If you cannot see the sheer desperation of this, then you have no idea what irony is.

Do I believe most of what I see projected? Nope. Do I keep a sense of humor? Yep.

Do I hold onto my faith in Love being the answer? YES.

Is love contagious?

This is a bit of a misleading title, sorry. I already know the answer, of course it is. In healthy human beings this (love) condition is very contagious and if it is unconditionally accepted it will lead to the greatest beauty imaginable.

Currently we have a “darker contagion” to be concerned about, does that mean we drift away from unconditional love? Hmm, some people are so rapidly moving from concern to worry and panic, promoting the drift away from love. I am a little concerned in the widespread “darker contagion” because it is terribly divisive. Until now, I have been a little quiet on my opinion of what is currently happening within society. If you are living in fear, you will probably not want to read on. Please remember that I have an opinion not an answer.

Fear, in my humble opinion is the opposing force to love. I know danger is real but fear, not so much. Sure, we fear death but when that is looked at closely, it is irrational. What pushes us closer to fear and further away from love today is a dodgy belief system. We, for the most part, believe that “they would never do that” because “we would never do that” It is a flawed concept. Mostly it is flawed because we empower they, pardon my bad grammar. Thus far I understand what I am writing conforms to the notion of we humans are all one, a concept I somewhat still believed in. That is until recently; sure in some grandiose design principal, we are all labelled human and we are collectively somewhat responsible for each other but….and this is a rather large BUT…the further we drift from love and the closer we go towards fear, the more the cracks and divisions start to show. So, as we approach the precipice, what do we do about the few who believe they have the answer to our collective societies problem? We check our intuition and ask ourselves, are they coming from a place of love or fear?

Answers to that basic question are only relevant if you truly believe that love is real and fear is to be overcome. I reached that understanding by facing fear and embracing unconditional love. I was told many year ago that there is no such thing as “unconditional love” by a brilliant man. He held a belief that there are always “conditions” and we are individually the ones who put those conditions on it. I saw his point and was somewhat agreeing with him, but now I see that my or anyones conditions on love are of no use whatsoever. To place conditions on love is to control it and that is an ugly human thing to do. Accept unconditional love and open up to it. Love always wins. Love, Live, Life. NOW.

Nigel R Mitchel by Lisa Coleman – copyright of Lisa and Darren Coleman 2012

Love, Live, Life.

“Such a world can exist where Love and Peace are the dominant forces. I live there most of the time. Sometimes I glimpse this planet that my friends and family live on, I think they would like to live in the emerging world of Love and Peace. Let’s continue to build it and Love, Live, Life.” This has been a Christmas Message from Nigel of tunnelmental.

From The Observation Deck…

Sunday November 8th 2020.

Observation Deck.

Too many people are stuck in their “country” as an identity and then view other “countries” as separate from their “being”. I am residing in the country named USA, I am happily able to “feel” like I can zoom in and out of the ever increasing divisions. My loved ones here are very anxious. False “unity” is everywhere here. That too is damaging many peaceful interactions. I can see the multiple “time lines” ahead and I am NOW seeing WE must choose individually before WE can collectively move forward. I feel it strongly and intuitively.

Let’s get creative and see clearly Peace is the Path.


The tunnelman returns. He’s back and he’s already in trouble.

Was he a figment of my imagination? Was he a surprise visitor? He was definitely a menace! I’m not sure how he came about really but I do know this, he stole my music and art for a while and I tried like crazy to get rid of him. He wrecked my Nightclub, he ruined my first marriage, he put me through hell. I tried taunting him into the open so I could ridicule him in the hope that he would just disappear from my life altogether. He did go away for a while but somehow I knew he was lurking in the shadows. Then earlier this year he was back, only this time he was running scared, he seemed desperate and panicky. My curiosity got the better of me, I was drawn in and we started to communicate. I was super wary of this adversary and sure enough it wasn’t long until my nemesis started pulling his old tricks. I quickly remembered that old saying, “a leopard never changes it spots.”

As bold as brass, he stood in front of me and said “come on mate, you gotta help me, we were friends and you can’t turn your back on a friend.” I smiled a wry smile and said “Sorry matey, you’re on your own this time.” I could tell from the look on his face he was pissed off with me. His tiny brain was working overtime and looking for a way to con me again. He held his arms open and walked towards me and I gave him a hug, carefully dropping a tracking device in his shopping bag. He had no idea that I was doing it and said “Hey man, can you at least lend me some money, for old times sake?” I answered curtly “no, not this time, sorry.” He turned and left and I said “Goodbye tunnelman.” He muttered “fuck you” under his breath and left without looking back.

So now I am tracking the despicable little bastard as he tries desperately to find refuge in some of the oddest of places. Sometimes I start to feel sorry for him but I know where that leads, so I stop myself. He really has to make an active choice to change on his own, I have tried to tell him but he just won’t listen.

So, like the headline says. The tunnelman returns. He’s back and he’s already in trouble. I can show you some of his travels on a youtube site I started. Be warned he is not a friend…

Not sure how long he’s going to be monitored without finding out. He’s keeping very odd company. Viewer discretion advised.

Oh, and if you could either here or on the YouTube channel, let me know what you think of the tunnelman.

I have an opinion…

I have an opinion, you probably do too. Does mine nullify yours? Nope. Does yours nullify mine? Nope. Then we’re good, right? I support Freedom and Liberty. Do you? I have lots of questions and very few answers. I’m okay with that, are you? Can you adequately describe unconditional love? Me neither. Do you think it is worth pondering it’s existence in this reality? I do.


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