love and peace are our weapons

Moby remixed by tunnelmental

We actually enjoy remixing, we get to put our spin on someone else’s music…moby remix (you wanted more) art best.jpg

Dangerous Minds Article


and there are Monsters…


Do I choose too much? Is there really too much to choose from? Is choice free? How “conditioned” am I?  I firmly believe in freedom of choice but one must truly look at what we choose from. Is it unlimited? Is it truly free? I have answered these questions of myself and have found so many anomalies, mostly based on my “conditioning” or in other words, my life experience. So much so that I have chosen to try and circumvent that conditioning and look at my basic needs and wants. Now I start to question my questions, now I stop looking around me, now I forget my past, now I forget myself. Now I can start….


It always comes back to this basic question, this is the only one that is important, this is the question that we all must ask ourselves.





There is another way.

I make music with my mate Derek as tunnelmental, I love what we make, I believe I have found another way of being.


I believe that there are many alternatives to the way the world currently works, I believe if you have the will and resolve you can do what you love and through that work you can thrive. It’s sort of true that I have used music as a survival tool in a system of control’s that I see is strangling all the goodness in the world. That was a reactionary start and was pretty punk rock, I was screaming at the system and standing on the outside looking for someone to blame. I can now see the limitation’s of that stance. I still get sad and angry at the greedy oppressors and I still use that anger as a catalyst for my ranting’s. It’s only now that I can also see another way, a way forward that works for me, an inclusive and surprisingly easy way. It is simply this, I will only be creative, I will only put my 100% effort into being creative. I will not look towards destruction as a means to progress. I will try and make every part of my human existence a creative process. Sure, I will slip and fall from time to time but now I will forgive myself. I will, whenever possible, help others and I will try to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. To this brilliant and abundant earth from which I came and into which I will eventually go, I will honour you as my Mother and live a full and creative life as a human being. I will never stop growing, for I have found another way.

Right, now that’s off my chest and out in the world. Here is a bit of what I am talking about, the result of some of that creativity…

some singles from tunnelmental

tunnelmental, an update….

me n derek gotbiff crop.jpgDerek and Nigel are “tunnelmental”                                                     Photo credit: Paul Beahan.

We’ve been very busy in our “orange groove studio” just finished new remixes for Moby. We will keep you posted on those real soon.

We are releasing a single on the first Friday of February, entitled “awake me” There will be a music film we made for it coming soon also. The music film was directed and edited by Mitch Steele.

Here is a picture of what the cover will look like for the single.


We are working on art for the album entitled “waiting here for you” ten songs that will be released in the early spring 2017.

This will probably be the front cover art.

waiting here for you cover art.jpg

Keep your eyes and ears open for “tunnelmental” and “waiting here for you” 2017 is shaping up to be a very interesting year…..

Get this song now. All proceeds will go to cancer research.

Get this song now. All proceeds will go to cancer research.

is it time? it is time!


I have often thought of myself as somewhat trapped in time by the dogs of war. Yet, part of me also understands that the measurement of time is wholly dependent on how we see time itself. Could it be that we are just experiencing what we manifest? Then I will manifest Love and Peace, for they are my best weapons and in my experience they are the most effective. 2017 is a collection of numbers that marks the time for my ever evolving self to be more creative, more productive and more loving. Making new music for me is the best way to focus my experience. The new album by my brilliant music partner, Derek Pippert and I, who are collectively called “tunnelmental” is to be entitled “waiting here for you” it should be with you early in 2017. I hope you take the time to listen to it. Love and Peace. Nigel.

It is here. I can feel it. Kindness.

Derek and Nigel are “tunnelmental” Photo credit: Paul Beahan.

It can get very confusing at times like these, when we see selfish acts rewarded and selfish people hoisted to powerful pos…

Source: It is here. I can feel it. Kindness.

It is here. I can feel it. Kindness.

me-n-dek-bestposterwallwebDerek and Nigel are “tunnelmental” Photo credit: Paul Beahan.

It can get very confusing at times like these, when we see selfish acts rewarded and selfish people hoisted to powerful positions in society. Are you, as a human being capable of despicable acts of cruelty? Yes and if you do them with no guilt or remorse, then you are lost! You truly must find a better way of expressing yourself. There is NO truth in this ridiculous saying “cruel to be kind” it will only lead to “war is peace” and “ignorance is strength” etc. So, remember this, there is one truth, it is your truth.

You cannot escape it on your travels (inner or outer), for it really doesn’t matter how far one travels, you still have to contend with you. I have travelled many years and miles and I can tell you this, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, travel can exhaust you. Take the time to rest and think who YOU are and what YOU desire. Connectivity to fellow travelers is often difficult, sometimes fruitless and largely dependent on intention. Intention from you and intention from fellow travelers. When one is in a vibrational field of connectivity, it will connect you to others. I believe we are all traveler’s and we have lost the best way to communicate with each other. If we really want connectivity and not the isolation from others that society seems to promote. We must do it through kindness.

All too often, I forget to understand the power of kindness. Kindness is broad and sweeping in its power, it can be a simple selfless act that rewards the recipient of it and feels right in the giver of it. It’s true power results in love and peace.

We have a duty as we progress as humankind, BE KIND.

I live almost entirely on kindness these days, the kindness of my friends and family.



This coming year “tunnelmental” will be releasing lots of new music.

Nigel of “tunnelmental” Jan 1st 2017.

Create beauty to progress…


We all know it’s wrong, yet we stumble along, I will sing you a song, of the careless…

When we as human beings create a thing of beauty, it is a way forward, a flickering glimmer of light.

I believe we can overcome the darkness of destruction by creating “moments of bliss” for ourselves and share them with the rest of humanity.

Compassion and kindness, that is the way forward. All else is just control system bullshit.

I love what we human beings are capable of, as Mankind we can become brilliant, as Mancruel not so much.

To that end, I Nigel and my music partner Derek aka “tunnelmental” are putting the finishing touches on an album that we shall release in early 2017 “waiting here for you”

Eight songs that we lovingly wrote, recorded and produced in our studio “Orange Groove Studio” We loved creating it and want you to hear it.

trailers for “waiting here for you”



what is, is.


Some masks are used to scare or intimidate, others to hide behind; many masks are worn for survival in today’s society.

We are all capable of masking our true potential in a society hell bent on controlling everything we are capable of. It’s almost impossible to find any “truth” in the media and politics. Currently on social media, it seems more like “make a statement, form an opinion and start a fight media” the search for truth is being abandoned.

I do not hide the fact that I mostly use social media to promote my music and art in the hope that it will support the humble and creative life I choose to live. No hidden agenda in that. If I post other stuff it is as entertainment and commentary, hopefully with some humour and information. I like to try and help others and I believe in kindness, so it goes without saying, that I try to be kind when publicly posting anything.

So, back to the point I was trying to make. A good friend and I were talking recently and it got a bit heated, opinions were flying back and forth, it was fun for a little while, then I suddenly realized, she was getting very angry and agitated, I slowly saw a mask appear (not physical) across her face, her words became stilted and her voice a bit shrill, I stopped talking and listened as she worked herself up into a frenzy. I tried calmly to say “let’s stop talking”, to which she got offended and said the phrase my children use when challenged, “you started it” I had to smile and that made things worse. As I left my friends house I thought about how I may have annoyed her and recapped our conversation trying to find what triggered that anger in her, it was not easy, as we had tackled many subjects and touched on many issues during our debate. I tried to distance myself and observe in retrospection the conversation; then it struck me clear as a bell. I can now see that I came across to her as arrogant and righteous. I know I am opinionated but I do try and keep open minded. That “jump to judgment” moment when she got angry and her mask appeared was clearly when I said, “either we are all god or there is no god” which is a contentious and non-provable hypothesis I still stand by; purely as an opinion!

I will continue to have an opinion on all things, I will try to curb my way of presenting my opinion, I will try and ensure that when I get into a debate that whoever I am debating with understand that it’s just my opinion.

So in conclusion, my mask is on, I will try and make it one of humility and consideration; one of kindness and growth, then hopefully it will become the mask of a peaceful warrior. My mask is not worn to hide my true intentions; it is there so I can see more clearly.

Oh, by the way, I apologized to my friend after a couple of days and they laughed, she said it was all just nonsense and I should not be so dramatic….I did not rise to her bait on this and just acknowledged what is!


I like this graph it helps me…


Now some shameless, self promotion and a gift for listening to my “opinion”